Very worried thyroid wacko..mild lupus...odd stuff on tests...neck/shoulders hurt...SCARED...node etc

Now im getting real worried..Ive been hypothyroid for 16 years...meds kept it steady pretty well.....Im almost 57 few days here my birthday....I menopaused at 53.50 years....seemed a breeze for me...The same time tons of stress...Mum was dying and i her care single parenting too etc...Ok time passes thyroid started doing odd t4 t3 things..even though i was at that point over medicated....but they just sort of watched it. I moved towns, got a dumb doctor...she just chased my thyroid around with diferent levels of meds (Synthroid). Time passes start getting mild joint day lost hearing for a got sent to orthopaedic end he sent me to rhumey who quickly said lupus.....(Im on plaquinil/turned down steroids..bad reaction before. Now I've had neck/shoulder pain/collarbone roughly 9 one has called or said anything...I did finally get an ultrasound on my thyroid..saw a small lump or node...went back to doc after 3 months to check again..he wasnt was luckly to get another ultra sound quite quickly.....not heard yet, because its christmas and im visiting my daughter...but tons of blood tests...i can see results online(Im in canada now) thyroid has in one month gone from 1.41 to 2.49..yes i know its in a normal range , but it keep doing this coming up quickly..even with new the more hypo side....and not all tests are back, but one called MPV or MVP is sitting at last digit before out of range some labs that is out of range! and im really retaining water...ARGggg im getting scared..

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  • Hi Thyroid UK have a forum on here, they would help you fine tune your Thyroid Issues. MaryF x

  • ya...should post this in both areas..but this has all happened since diagnosed with lupus...if that diagnoses is correct..they did that on slight higher crp 11 then 7../and 320 ana speckled and homogenous other joint aches...

    ps/love your Mrs. Slocombe..

  • im hoping someone out there has thyroid/lupus stuff similar...

  • Hi dgleds, I have lupus and my thyroid gland was removed due to a benign growth. It is getting more common for lupus patients to have some thyroid issues. I don't know about MPV/MVP, I only know of MCV. So sorry can't help with that one. Unfortunately lots of blood tests are ' par for the course' with lupus. If I may stick my neck out! , I do know from experience that an over active thyroid can mentally cause you to panic like this. Everything goes on ' fast forward', and your metabolism and adrenaline are also raised. My endocrinologist said that our body is like a finely tuned engine. If the thyroid is not right, neither is anything else. Of course I don't know you but your post is a little frantic!!!! Please do not take offence by this. I only mean to point out how you have come across to me. All your pains are also 'par for the course' but lots do respond well to treatment, and are leading full and happy lives. I apologise if I have upset you with my response, it must be awful for you. I'm sure docs would contact someone if there was any danger to you. Try to enjoy Xmas and hope you get sorted in new year.

  • no my thyroid is slow..but i dont have a regular it makes it scary..they lame communicate. Nope i dont take offence...just worried.

  • mpv or mvp is a new test..think it can determine heart issues..stroke etc..

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