What's the difference between quinoric and hydorchloroquine sulphate 200mg??

I've been on quinoric for the last 5 months and I seem to be getting on ok with it. Picked up my new prescription today and have been given a plain box of hydorchloroquine sulphate with no brand name. The list of ingredients is slightly different and im nervous that I may react differently to it! Has anyone else been on both of these?

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  • Hi Belee,

    When I first started taking Hydroxychloroquine I read on here to make sure I ask for Plaquenil as opposed to Quinoric, as Quinoric is a cheaper version of Plaquenil and isn't as effective.

    I wrote on my prescription for Hydrox in brackets (Plaquenil) and I always got it!

    But, since I moved house/Doctor's I did this but I always get Quinoric...I honestly can't notice any difference...will be interesting to read what other's will comment about this.

    Take care :-D

  • I find the Quinoric hasn't got a good coating and leaves an extremely long lasting bitter flavour. I also have sjogrens and I think dry mouth may be emphasises this bitterness. Anyone else find it unpalatable?

  • Sorry...both Quinoric and Plaquenil are brand names for Hydroxychloroquine

  • I used to have Plaquenil now get Quinoric and both work equally well for me. Both are Hydroxychloroquine sulphate. However some people seem to get problems on Quinoric and have to ask their GP to prescribe the brand name "Plaquenil" so that dispensing chemist gives the correct (more expensive) one

  • Hi l was on quinoric but had terrible side efeects, went on to plaquinel and found l did not have any problems with it,

    Also seemed to work much better for me, so asked my doctor to write plaquinel on my prescriptions and l have not looked back. Hope this helps others. Lucymay

  • Hi what were the side effects that you got with Quinoric? I had a couple of mths on it last year and started to feel unwell (don't know if it was the Quinoric or not as my prescription went back to plaquinel).

    However, I have recently been getting the Quinoric again. Friday I spent 4hrs in A&E with an unbearable pain that started in my shoulder and travelled down my arm and into my neck and bust. I was hooked up to an ECG machine and bloods were taken. Hearts OK. The pain subsided a little and they sent me home none the wiser!!!! Saturday I felt like I had been hit by a bus on my left side. Today I've done nothing it's completely knocked me for six and I was just starting to get on my feet a little.

    So just wondering if anyone else has had pain as a side affect?

  • Sorry,I know this was 4 years ago :))). But I have been on Hydroxachloraquine for year. As first I was receiving plaquinel and things were going great once they kicked in, but after a while I had knuckle joint pain and severe shoulder and arm pain like yourself. I was diagnosed with tendentious in my shoulders (FOB OFF)

    But a few weeks ago it all subsided.... When I went for my repeat prescription I noticed I had been receiving Quinoric previously and I think this was causing my pain. Now I am back on Plaquiel and fell amazing again!! I wanted to put this on here, maybe to help others :)))) I hope you are well now. x

  • Sorry you are feeling unwell. Hope you feel better soon. I never really found out what the problem was. But I did stop taking the quinoric. My doctor dropped how much I needed to take and I had few plaquinel inhand. However I've recently been getting the odd month of quinoric again. They tell me that the only difference is in the powder that they mix the medication in and it is this that some people are intolerant to.

  • Quinoric is a cheaper version of plaquenil!!! I used to get Plaquenil all the time when I put my prescription into the chemist, the pharmacist told me that down to budgets.....Quinoric is now given instead of plaquenil! It doesnt affect me any differently, thank goodness!

  • Quinoric made me feel sick so I ensure that I get Plaquenil (I think it has a better coating)

  • Thanks all......interestingly, I went back to my pharmacist and asked why he'd given me a different type and could I have my usual. He said the the type he'd given me ( no brand name at all) was the cheaper version. If I want a specific brand then to make sure my doctor writes it on the prescription. Thankfully he was very nice and swapped my tablets back to my usual brand :)

  • Iv had both quinoric and plaquenil both seem to work the same for me, I don't see much of a difference in them except that there keeping me stable ;)

  • I find plaquenil works far better, if l tale quinoric it makes me feel so ill, my Dr states on my prescription to have plaquinel at all time. ♡

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