Housing woes any help or advise would be greatly appreciated

Hey guys

I am having an awful time trying to get housed by the council after being made homeless.

I am currently living in temporary accommodation which is basically a tiny room in a hostel which houses family so there is constantly noise and craziness going on around me making it impossible to rest and relax, which I have to pay for myself and is very expensive which means that after paying rent travel food ect I am not even able to save for a deposit for a flat.

I am currently waiting to find out the results of a medical assessment which will determine if the council have a duty to house me and its has now been three months and I have had no feedback what so ever and I have been advised from my GP that no one had contacted them from the council. In the time that I have been waiting have been awarded my Blue Badge from the same council.

I sent an email to my housing offer explaining that the stress from this situation I believe is part of the reason that my condition is worsening and I was sent a very curt email basically saying that I need to wait.

Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated

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Have you tried contacting Shelter. its a Freephone number 0808 800 4444. I've heard they are good at offering support. hope things pick up for you soon xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi..try to see if there is an independant housing charity trust in your area that can act on your behalf to chivvy your council along , or google for disabled charities that know housing laws that can give you good ask your council why they havent contacted your gp.

All council departments should have their policies clearly stated about lenght of waiting time,duty of care to their customers etc,,see if they are failing on this..see if you can get help with a deposit via government funding..check out directgov site..or CAB or any local housing trusts...good luck..hope this might help a wee bit...take care Redfive


Go and see ur local mp to help with ur case council gate a mp on there back that's a fact, good luck


Thanks for your advice guys.

I showed a relative the email correspondence that I have been having with my so called housing office and she went mental!

I thought it was just me being emotional be she has confirmed that the housing officer was being very rude despite my simply asking for help.

Which is appalling as she is dealing with someone who the council could possibly deem “vulnerable” and possibly will since I passed the assessment for the blue badge.

I am a bit worried about making a formal complaint however I can’t bear the thought of this woman being able to treat other people the way she has treated me.


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