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Not having a good few days. Not yet diagnosed so any help would be grateful

Hi all hope everyone is ok.

Aches and pains have got worse over past few days waking up every morning very stiff and feel like I've had work out at the gym but have not. Back of my knees and under my armpits seem swollen and ache but not sure why and pains in my chest and back seem to be hurting more too. Does anyone else get this with a lupus flare also the side of my ribs are so tender to touch.

Still waiting for a rheumatologist appointment which think will be after Xmas now should I go back to doctors or just wait?

Thanks for listening any help or advice is appreciated. Emma.

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Yes that sounds similar to before I was diagnosed. The rib pains sound like costochondritis. I've just been diagnosed with that but I could be wrong.

Aloe Vera juice helps. I take it every morning and I find there's an improvement. look into foods that can help with joint pains xx


Thanks for your reply I will have a look to see what will help.

How long did it take for you to get a diagnosis? Also what did they go on to diagnose you was it blood tests symptoms or both? Xxx


Hiya, it's hard to say as I was having symptoms from the age of 12-13 and didn't get diagnosed until I was 14. So it took a few attempts to find it as it disguises itself as other conditions. I think they used my bloods mainly as my cell count was off. The symptoms sort of clarified it I think. Xx


Hi ems

Sorry to read your having a tough time. As your chest pain is worsening and you feel generally unwell you should go back to your GP and see if he will chase up your Rheumy appt. if you get very acute chest pain that doesn't resolve in centre of chest then it's A&E for you pronto to be checked out. Hope you feel better soon. X


Thank you both for replying.

I've been trying to get in the doctors but when I get through there's never any appointments left.

Will keep trying tho.

Hardly slept last night kept been woken up with random pains and funny sensations in left side of chest.


Hi Ems666,

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment. If you are still waiting for a rheumatology appointment then it is worth going back to your doctor to see if they can push for a more urgent referral.

Have you been given any treatment in the meantime? It may be worth asking if a short course of steroids could be a possibility to help reduce your inflammation levels?

If you want more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at lupusuk.org.uk/request-info...

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I get like that when I stray from my self imposed diet. All of this is soooo weird. Try listening to "Betrayal" on utube. It supports my personal research. Hugs to you.


Thank you for your reply

I phoned hospital up today to see if they've booked an appointment for me they haven't yet as there only on August referrals they got my referral on 30th September.

So been told to phone back next week they did say tho as soon as they book your appointment it's only a couple of weeks till your appointment so I guess that's not to bad.

I have looked up my symptoms tho chest pain wise and it seems to fit with pericarditis which I found out why looking that this can be connected to lupus.

But in the mean time going to try to get an appointment with the doctor

Many thanks emma.


Bit of a strange question but are abscesses at all connected to lupus

Would be interesting to find out if they are many thanks



Hi Ems666,

Abscesses can potentially be caused by underlying inflammatory conditions (which could include lupus) - nhs.uk/Conditions/Abscess/P...

There are a number of potential causes of abscesses which are outlined in the article above. A few of these could be linked to lupus or its treatments.

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Thank you for that that's interesting to know.

About two years ago I had one flare up on the back of my neck it would go down with treatment and antibiotics but it got that bad in the end I had to have surgery on it.

Then a few years before that had big massive abscess that went from one end of my jaw to the other. They could find any infected teeth had no pain within my teeth or mouth it just flared up out of no where ended up in surgery for that one too and 3 day hospital stay.

I've now got a tiny lump on my back which is how the one started off on the back of my neck I'm just hope and pray it doesn't turn out to be one of these again as there very painful

Sorry for long post.

Many thanks emma


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