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What next????

Bubble burst, council has been a touch has have said they do not have a duty of care to house me.

I am so angry and frustrated that they seem to have come to this decision without talking to my GP or my Rheumy or even their own blue badge department who felt that I was vulnerable enough to warrant giving me a blue badge!

Now have one!

Right now I feel so tired and hopeless I don’t even know if I have the strength to appeal.

Perhaps if I set up home in my car in my work car park that will be more beneficial to me … no tidying up and no commute

Now I have my Biopsy to look forward to woop woop!

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wotshername, I am so sorry you have had such bad news, without really knowing more details, it is difficult to give further advice. Are you able to seek the support the Citizens Advice Bureau?


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