Swollen Lymph Nodes = Biopsy

Was told by my Rheumy that my recent CT scan showed that I had swollen lymph node in my arm pits.

I told the doctor that I have had a swollen lymph node in my neck for some time now and thought it was nothing.

Now I am going to have a biopsy

Really don’t want to.

I had a biopsy on my back when I was first diagnosed and remembered that it didn’t hurt that much but I am worried about scarring

(Me being vain again)

Is this something that I should be worried about?

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Hi please don't worry too much the instruments used for a biopsy are not very big and the biopsy does not leave much of a scar. Doctors are much more aware of people's appearance these days and do their best to make as small an incision as possible, also when they operate on anybody with a suppressed immunity they don't want to make too much of a wound as there is a risk of infection. Although there is a risk with anybody it is increased with us lupies. I don't want to alarm you but want to reassure you that you will be just as gorgeous after a biopsy as you are now. ;-) I have had a swollen lymph node on my neck for two years and nothing has ever been done about it.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing positive updates on here.

Madmagz x


I had a needle biopsy on a lymph node a few weeks ago that was done along with an ultrasound scan. Didn't leave a mark.


Hi! I had this done a few months back in the armpit. It did not leave a scare - although was slightly uncomfortable a few days after. But don't worry and good luck! :)


I get swollen lymph nodes in my neck, armpit & groin quite regularly but luckily have never needed 2 have a biopsy 4 them as mine tend 2 come up at the slightest sign of infection in my body as a 'warning' that something isn't right (make up u're bloody mind please antibodies!!!!). Biopsies can b uncomfortable & SHOULDN'T leave a lasting mark if done correctly. Good luck ;)


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