Should i be worried

Should i be worried

Hello everyone

I had a codecompression surgery for both knees and ankle in april. I was hopeing that things will be better with my legs but it is worse. I noticed since my surgery i have some painful lumps on my ankles. It is worse when i walk or stand. Normaly my ankles get swollen after a walk but the lumps are so painful when am getting into bed. What now worries me is the dark patch on my skin which is exactly above the lump. It looks finger prints. I have requested 4 a scan to know what d lumps are but it is taking to long to get the appointment. I have one lump on my face, my jaw bone and 2 below my chin. Not sure what to do again. I am tired of calling my clinic bcos the receptionist always sounds as if i am disturbing them. I have attached a picture of my legs . Will appreciate ur opinion. Thanks and God bless


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  • No i have not sent it. I always call and report any change. Do u suggest i send a pic via post? I am going to london for a holiday and i have had to hire a wheelchair just to reduce d strain in my leg. I have suggested to send a similar pic to my gp but he said they dnt give out their email for that.

  • Ijeasike hi, I have 2 on either side of my ankles, 2 on my knees and 2 below my knees on the inside of my shins. Can you of anyone one else tell me what they are please.


  • Are you on plaquenil? It can cause bruise like spots on your legs especially shins. Wish you the best!

  • Yes i am on plaquinel. Thank u

  • I hope you get answers and most of all help!!

  • Hi there

    I suffer with panniculitis and your legs look similar to mine, I too suffer when I walk or stand for too long

  • Am in agony. I just stay in d car when we go shopping. I will like to go out this holiday. I had to hire a wheelchair for this trip. Am not so keen on using a wheelchair but it seems to be my only optiion inorder to manage my pain. After our trip yesterday i still very sore in my legs( ankles, knees, feet, skin and entire body) irrespective of the precautions i took before the start of the trip. Thanks foe ur reply. Take care and God bless


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