I just wondering if anyone had a problem wiv dental care

I am in wheel chair due to many reason not sure if its coz lupus anyway I cant lay on my back at all coz I get shooting pains in my back n I cant lay on dental chair coz they want u lay back n not seen dentist for three years my illness only got worse in last two years now I need sumone coz my gums r sore I think got hole in one tooth n I clean them has much as I can like three times a day but I worried they wont b able to see me if I don't see sumone the pain will get worse has anyone bin in this problem or can give me sum advice what to do next I goin to doctors today to see they can refer me to someone

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  • have you asked at dentists how they can accommodate you, I'm sure there are others in similar situations, your GP could refer you to hospital dental dept but think same problems would be there. Good luck, hope you get sorted :)

  • hiya thanks for reply yea I spoken to denist before they sed they cudnt do nothing but went to doctors today they r referring me over to hospital dental to see wat they can do if I reli badly need dental care they might put me out to hav it done

  • Why don't you see if you can get the dentist to come to your house some will

  • Try the community dental team - they will come to your home and are trained in seeing people with physical and learning disabilities so have a variety of ways to check your mouth out without using the chair. :-)

  • well i have a scoliosis in the spine and gives me hell, painkillers don't really touch it so i wear a magnetic bracelet which i find helps a bit. im having dental problems to, my dentist just retired and my new dentist says my teeth are in a bad way whether thats due to lupus or my old dentist i dont know.

  • Hi I would recommend you contact your Primary Care Trust and they can give you the contact details of dentists in your area who do home visits. This way you can discuss in private your difficulties and they will be able to come to you and see what is best for you. I used to be in a wheelchair so can sympathise it took three people to get me in the chair and I used to take supports and cushions so I could get comfortable - I too have scoliosis and other spinal problems so know how much pain you are in. I would recommend that if your gums are bleeding you get some Corsodil mouth wash as it will help reduce any inflamation of the gums and reduce the need for a dental hygeinist to work on the gums.

    Good luck and I hope you get your teeth sorted without too much discomfort

    Madmagz x

  • hiya thanks everyone I didn't know tht they can do home visits n when I spoken to people they just sed they cant help go to gp n I spoken to them they r referring me to hospital one actually u all saying u hav scoliosis so do I plus having lots shooting pains up n down spine n plus it all started just before I got pregnant all down one side went numbness n I cudnt move down one side then final got moving n walking again n in pregnancy it happened again n not reli b able to feel one side of my leg from knee downwards n now having trouble with my teeth n wisdom teeth n bad teeth feel bumpy n tingling n lil bit of pain but now just waiting for hospital dentist to see me

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