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I'd like to introduce u to my new best friend...

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Hi all

Meet the new man in my life... I've called him Brian!!

I got a brand new wheelchair on Xmas Eve n was hoping that I'd be able to get myself around..the chair is great..my other one was a real bone rattler.. unfortunately due to weakness in my left hand that's getting progressively worse I can't propel the wheelchair myself!!

A friend of ours recently lost her mum n was selling her mum's scooter ..when we said we were interested she was delighted and sold it to us at a much reduced rate..people r so kind eh?

I've been riding Brian for a couple of weeks..just slow stuff..bumped into loads of things..wot makes it go forward..how do I go backwards etc..slowly but surely I've got the hang of it..of course I have I've been driving since I was 17..but no more driving for me now..looks like I'm a biker now!!

I decided to call him Brian after the snail on magic roundabout..the original one..showing my age there!!

I went out into the garden last night n tried the lights..yeah I know it's got a little headlight on it and tail lights as well..n I looked at the stars which I haven't done for far too long!!

My daughter's got some L plates so they'll go on soon n then I'm planning to go to a nearby plant shop n get gardening!! 🌻🌺🌼🌹🌱🌷

I did struggle with the whole disability thing n fought it for so long but I have been sat firmly on my backside by my illness n have now come to accept that this is my new life!!

Whats really wierd is the fact that when I was a child I wished n wished for a bike with a wicker basket on the front..I didn't see Brian until he was here in my living room n I fell in love instantly..I would never have thought back then that my basket on the front would on the front of a mobility scooter but hey the universe works in mysterious ways!!!

So now I'm gonna go boldly out there..me, hubby n Brian are gonna have some fun again..at last!!!

"Born to be wild'". One small step for Kat..one GIANT leap for mobility!!! 🛵♿

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You have a great and determined spirit! I can already you picture you in Brian as you are off to buy plants and flowers for your garden. You have a newly-found freedom and have inspired me!

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Krazykat26 in reply to KayHimm

Awwwww thank u!! I lost all faith when I was really ill n I went to some hard places inside..n I didn't wanna carry on..I was done as far as I was concerned....BUT the gods obviously had other ideas..I wasn't done yet..n I'm not a quitter generally..also I'm not religious as in organised stuff..I'm a bit of pagan..love nature..the moon n stars etc. When I was struck down with lupus I felt totally disconnected from nature n felt bereft..so now..I'm still here n the tools r coming to help me live with it...n I'm sooooo grateful!! Xx

Just loving the Brian analogy! Since diagnosis I’ve gone from being Zebedee boing-ing about to Dylan, falling asleep under the tree! Great that Brian can take you out and about in this lovely spring weather! Enjoy!

😹 I had a tee shirt that I literally wore till it dropped off me with Dylan on the front..just between u n me I have stuck a poppy in my hat n I think I'm ementrude?? Is that how u spell it..not sure..but the cow anyway!! So I'm a cow driving a snail!!!! Xx

🤣🤣🤣 ooh! You’ll have to wear a big pink spotted tee-shirt to complete the look!!! Xx

😹😹😹 now that's an idea..love it!! I'm mooooooving on up!! Xx

This is brilliant! Reaching a level of acceptance and adjustment takes time, different for each of us. Life is not what it was, not the same. Hard. Sometimes really hard. But it's life. It goes on. And we go with it. Brian is going to give a new life back to you. And that's amazing. Go and have some magic (roundabout) adventures! 🌼 🐌 🐮 🌺

Thank u...meep meep!! Xx

Love Brian xx

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Krazykat26 in reply to Lupiknits

He's very handsome n strong!! He goes over grass n mud as well..he's like a little land rover!! Xx

Sounds like true freedom, enjoy & discover the outdoors again...ml

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Krazykat26 in reply to maggielee

Thanks ml..I've hardly been out for years because I think now that I just lost the will to carry on...but now??...anything is possible!!! Xx

Great. You've expressed exactly my feelings when I got my scooter last year. Losing the connection to the natural world is absolutely the worst part of becoming stuck in the house. Trundling along the lane behind my house lat week, I saw the first lambs of the year, and that was a joy. My scoot's a bit dowdier than Brian, though - a dark grey - so I've added some CND stickers and a rainbow pennant...need a name though...x

ooh! I have just the name for your scooter Whisperit - how about “Easy Rider” ?! 😉

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Krazykat26 in reply to whisperit

😹 I was only saying to hubby that I'll be putting some stickers on him!! Do u know I didn't see Brian until he arrived in the living room..typical girl I had said I'm not interested if it's red!! Just goes to show I'm an idiot!!!

Scooter...out in nature..country lane n lambs..ooohhh I'm all excited!!! How about Larry?? 🐑🐌🦋🌺🌳Xx

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eekt in reply to whisperit

How about naming her 'Wild Thing'?...and play it loud so the crowds part when you're in town!

Delighted you're re-connecting Krazykat!!! When you and Brian are urban, play 'Back to Nature' at full volume! xxx

Wonderful news! You made me smile. Enjoy the freedom you deserve. Now I am thinking of ways to bling brain out! ... fairy lights allowed ..🤔. Have lots of fun and safe journeys x

Thank u LupieLady

Am thinking a nice blanket to sit on.. definitely gonna stick things on the basket..I've got some daffodil pins from donations to Macmillan trust so they'll be a lovely yellow.

Fairy lights??..of course!! Xmas though so people get the full effect..Brian in all his magnificence!! Xx

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