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Wet sensation on my knee

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Hi all

I no this may sound strange but for the last few days I have felt like my knee is wet all the time every time I check it is bone dry have even changed trouser thinking it must be the trouser but it was still their has any one else had this I thought about going to the doctors but don't won't them think I'm a crack pot pardon the expression dose any one have any advice as I don't see my consultant till next year now Sorry forgot to say I have lupus

15 Replies
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Yes, these wetness sensations are strange!

Others have mentioned these sensations here on forum over the past few years. But I don't recall anyone having managed to get the Drs to clearly explain what this is about...so I'll be following the replies you get

My version feels like water is running down my right leg: always there, but sometimes worse than usual...I associate my neuro cerebral flares with increased wetness sensations in my leg

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This is a problem I first experienced 25 years ago. It comes and goes in my leg and occasionally my nose. It can sometimes be associated with a fluttering sensation. I guess it is some strange altered nerve sensation being interpreted as a wet feeling by the brain. A bit like tinnitus, but in your leg. Weird, but you get used to it along with all the other weird and wonderful lupus goodies!

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Barnclown in reply to Suzie

Good reply...yes, am 62 & have had these symptoms since my late 20s. Mine often come with the sensation that my lower leg is being wrung like a wet towel...and I get the flutters too (in my hands & face the flutters amount to tremors...and this is when my myclonic jerks are more frequent)

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Hi Yes I have this severely in my legs (front of one leg and knee on other) and feet. It is neurological (nerve sensation). Do you have Sjogrens? Sjogrens can have a strong tendency to cause neurological problems. I have Sjogrens. Obviously Lupus can too. If it continues or affects more of your body I would definitely ask to bring your appointment forward to see what the rhuematologist says. I have become quite disabled with it. You don't say what medication you take. I am on azathioprine, hydroxychloroquine and prednisolone. I think hydroxychloroquine helps it the most. But this is me. Everyone is different.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the post and replies I thought it was just me being weird.

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It's caused by inflammation of nerves - that disrupts the signal pathway, so the brain only receives a part of the message and it "makes up" the rest from its library of likely sensations. So your nerves might be trying to say you're cold or pain but the brain doesn't get the full picture, makes it up as being wet, so you then feel wetness.

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Hi all thank you for your help have spoken with my GP who thinks it is comeing from a nerve in my back have to go in next week for a check up and an examation to see if this is the case will let you no the out come

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I have Lupus and Hughes syndrome and have also been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy which does cause pain and the feeling of wetness in my legs. I have been tested for Sojourns and have tested negative. I had neurological testing of the lower legs to get the diagnosis. Hope this helps.

I get this. It was one of the

First things I noticed before I'd even heard of Lupus and CMT. I have a friend with MS who gets this as well so it's just a nerve thing you have to live with. I used to think it was rain I could feel on my leg.

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I had this down the back of one leg for six months. GP diagnosed sciatic nerve involved, classic symptom. Nerve crosses your bum cheek diagonally from bottom of spine, may or may not hurt, then constant waterfall from top of thigh to ankle. Most petculiar. Sitting on dining type hard seat helped. So glad it did not progress to full on sciatica. Hope this helps



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Hi all thank you for your help have seen my GP who run some basic test discovered I have altered sensation in the side of my right knee is arranging for me to have mri scan on my back as the problem could be coming from their also have had blood test done to rule out some other conditions I get the result next Wednesday for them

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Vilevemor in reply to jerseyrose

Any updates since then?

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dgleds in reply to jerseyrose

lucky you have a doctor that listens...ive been thru a few doctors as they leave the country...I may have mild lupus..and i have hypothyroid too....and for years degenerative disc in L5 s1, so hope its the back thing....i get wet knee now..its new..mostly left knee...

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I get these same sensations of cold water running across my thigh I'm not sure what it is

I'm so glad you asked this question jerseyrose, I have only managed to tell my hubby and I have never mentioned it to rhuemetolgy. Thanks for starting this discussion, it's been very helpful for me and hopefully helped you to feel less alone too 😃

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