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blood in urine

I was originally diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and fibro.. but my regular urine checks always showed blood and once protein!!. thought this was side effects of gold injection which stopped working!!. had a kidney ultrasound and told it was fine.. so reading posts about kidney problems I thought there cant be any kidney problems for me??.

my consultant considering lupus due to positive ana test!

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I have blood and protein in my urine. I have a diagnosis of lupus nephritis which was found through a biopsy. My lupus nephritis is asymptomatic.

Keep well.


Hi summer, I had ultra sound of kidneys too & was told it is to show basic things like if you have 2 of them, or any masses inside. I think I've read also it may show advanced scarring from lupus damage. But mainly other tests are used for diagnosis like 24 hour urine sample, & principally biospy, as they need to catch this early & treat asap.

I hope everything turns out ok for you. Best wishes. X


Biopsie gives clearer extent of damage, then can be sure of correct way forward due to results and what treatment is required. Good luck and hope your soon feeling better :)


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