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Blood in urine...


Hi all. This is my first post here but have been reading and learning lots from you all for awhile.

I'm not diagnosed with Lupus but have been suffering symptoms of this for the past three years, since I had my second child. My specialist agrees that it is probably Lupus but can't get a diognosis until it shows in my blood work.

I have recently been getting a very small amount of blood in my urine. I have had this 4/5 times and seems to come when I'm feeling awful and run down. I haven't got an appointment with my specialist for another 4 months and am not sure if this is something to be worried about or not? My hands, feet and face is swelling a fair bit more than normal for me but other than that no more symptoms are present other than my usual ones.

Would really appreciate knowing if anyone else had this. Many thanks 🌿

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Hi Shellessx,

If this is something you are concerned about, can you make an appointment with your GP so that they can do a dipstick test? If they are concerned about the findings then they can refer to you nephrology for further investigations.

I have been to the Dr's a few months ago with this and they checked it and was told no infection. Hence why I haven't rushed back this time. Just didn't know if it was something that happens? But I'll go again to be on the safe side.

Thanks Paul 🌿

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Shellessx

Kidney involvement can be a symptom of lupus, so it is important that your urine is checked for blood and protein when you see your doctor. If you need more information about lupus and the kidneys, you can view and download our booklet here -

Do you have flank pain. Meaning in your back both sides where your kidneys would be? If so you may have a kidney infection. Do you have to urinate often and small amts with burning happen? Bladder infection possibly. Drink water with fresh squeezed lemon if available.

If you have any of this pain or more bleeding best to see simeone sooner.


No, there's no kidney pain or burning. I've not got it today so will book a non emergency appointment at the dr's.

Thanks for your reply Vasuna 🌿

I also have had blood in my urine for years! This occurred approximately the same time they were beginning to work me up for Lupus....14 years ago.... I've had trace or +1 for 14 years unless I actually do have a bladder infection. I am newly diagnosed with Lupus also. It is a bugger to diagnosis. The first MD told me"it's very hard to diagnose and you don't want to have it anyways"! The blood in urine was never worked up. My new internist, who parted me out with all my problems, told me we will work on that once we get Lupus Diagnosis. I will definitely ask my Rheumatologist about this. I have a journal I'm using to help keep tract of any symptoms. I never even considered putting hematuria down! I will now!

my doc told me the same...basically said, "don't worry about it because the meds will kill you quicker than the disease will...."

Sounds like you need a new Doc. One who has educated him/her to all the problems associated with Lupus. AND has a better bedside manner!!!

Yes. I've had blood in my urine for 12 years. I was told idiopathic hematuria. I was never sent to Urologist. I waited six months to see him. It was worth the wait! His office staff has already called me. Lupus can effect the kidneys!

My doctors always chalk up my blood and protein to uti

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