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Blood in the urine


I constantly have blood in my urine but ct scan and blood test results were normal. Definitely not urine infection so I am wondering if it is still my kidneys. Should I insist for a biopsy? Or wait and see like my consultant may Do? Xx

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Hi , what do you mean STILL your kidneys ? Have you been diagnosed with kidney disease ? If you have lupus and there's blood and protein in your urine they will probably do a kidney biopsy they did one on my kidneys as soon as I was diagnosed with lupus . Do you have protein aswell .

Tulipano in reply to Buffy14

In my urine there's blood but no protein. I am newly diagnosed with lupus sle. Xx

Buffy14 in reply to Tulipano

Well I am sure your consultant will look into this thoroughly as kidney involvement is common in SLE although not having a protein leak is good , there may be another reason for blood in your urine and some are usually nothing to worry about . There are other posts on here regarding this if you just search blood in urine the other posts will come up you may find help reading those .

Hi, just speaking from my own history. I have had blood in my urine for three and a half years now. I have only had small infections off and on. I have had kidney and bladder scans and biopsies. All negative. Each time I see a doctor they remark on it but not source has been found. I am sure they will follow it up.

Tulipano in reply to johare

Thanks a lot xx 😁

Hi Tulipano,

It might be period blood contamination - but if you have SLE you need to insist on thorough renal investigations. Get to a Nephrologist ASAP !!!!

ps. I've just had a look at your - feeling so weird post.

I've have SLE renal involvement for 40 years. While what you've described could be something entirely unrelated, it could also be kidney problems. You must insist on seeing a Nephorologist just to rule the possibility of a kidney flare out.

Whatever's going on - you need a specialist to sort it out right now - as preventative medicine is the best way to stay healthy for the long term.

ps. Having a cat scan of your kidneys won't show a tiny weenie minor renal flare as it starts on a microscopic level. Its good news that ther'es no indication of worrying scary damage - but - again - fast and timely preventative medicine is so important for us. Even if there's no blood in your urine in a months time - demand to see a nephrologist just for another opinion on your Lupus.

Where I come from - (Australia) they're the specialists that seem to have a broader education regarding - at least my form of internal organ problem - SLE.


Tulipano in reply to Freckle1000

Thank you so much xx I am so pleased for your reply. I am seeing my lupus consultant on the 15th December and I will insist on a biopsy as I am still feeling rubbish 😭

They can do a lot of renal tests pathology tests without having to resort to biopsies - but I don't blame you for wanting to have one just to be safe.



Hi Tulipano,

According to The Lupus Encyclopedia, “Blood in the urine can be due to menstruation, urinary tract infections, or kidney stones. However, other possible causes include lupus nephritis and other causes of kidney disease”.

A screening test can be performed in order to check for blood in the urine; if positive, the screening would be followed by a microscope exam to check for the amount of red blood cells present in the urine.

To read our factsheet on ‘LUPUS: and the Kidneys’ click here:

Let us know how you get on at your upcoming appointment, all the best.

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