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weird throat


just a quick query really, for the last few weeks as im finishing a meal my throat becomes painful and feels like its swollen almost as if I want to gag? I eat small meals (I use a sandwhich plate so it looks like a full size dinner even though im eating less as trying to loose weight) I don't eat spicey foods as im not keen on them.

I did take ozmaparole a few years ago to control excess tummy acid but no longer take them.

I do try to eat healthily but I love chocolate :(

as with us all the recent sunshine has worsened my symtoms and im feeling low again.

any advice would be great to ease this throat feeling please x

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I get this too sporadically & can be very painful sometimes. Like swallowing a tennis ball! I did some reading & sounds like inflammation of the oesophagus, but it never last long enough for me to have asked rheumy about it.

I hop you can get some help. X


There are lots of foods I find great difficulty in swallowing and my rheumatologist was keen to hear about this so maybe it is a part of Lupus. She got me to have a barium swallow procedure (not barium meal, that's different) and amongst other things I have a hiatus hernia. She has told me to drink water whilst eating. Eat small amounts and wash down with water. I also have a full glass of water after every meal. I hope that this will work for you and wish you luck.Also, I find a teaspoonful of honey is very soothing. Kind wishes, Grandmacarol.


I do get a similar feeling that comes and goes. I believe difficulty swallowing is a recognised symptom of Sjorgens so it may well also be a part of lupus. I have been told I have Sjorgens serology/lupus features.


Water and lots of it. I often feel like my throat is rough, and more often than not, it is down to being dry.


Have the same problem here, you're not on your own :)

I've been drinking with my meals for a long time, sipping liquids as I eat...Discovered I had Sjogrens a few years ago and dont make enough saliva. This morning my throat is uncomfortable and red, not exactly sore but swallowings a bit of an effort. I hadnt linked it to SLE, maybe some of its that as well. I'll have a word with the nurse later this month...not much you can do but take fluids with your meals...


I feel as if I have swollen glands under my chin...My Rhemmy had a feel and said there was something going on, and I also have a 'Lumpy Thyroid'. I am going for an ultrasound scan tomorrow to check it out. So I know how you feel.


a BIG thankyou to everyone, I am now drinking milk (water makes me gag) with meals to help my throat. its helping a little xx


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