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Hi Guys

New to this blogging forum but im am hoping that it can keep me sane and perhaps sharing my experiences can help someone else.

Despite going to bed at a whopping 10pm getting up for work was a major struggle but I managed to get out of the door in the nick of time.

This week I discovered a new fun symptom! When I wall I get a sharp ache in me calves and the back of my legs. Kind of like someone is squeezing them really hard.

If I stop walking for a minute or so it stops for a bit and start up again when I start walking again. Not wanting to look crazy stopping and starting every few yards I walk at a very slow pace which still hurts but not as much

Lupus is fun

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Hi there - welcome to this friendly blog site!

You do not say whether you have been diagnosed (definitely) with Lupus....many of us are still waiting after years of having the symptoms.

I'm assuming you are being ironic in calling this symptom FUN (???) It sounds incredibly painful. Sounds to me like a kind of cramp in the large muscles at the back of your legs. If this persists, it may be a good idea to mention this to your GP and/or Rheumatologist.

Let us know how you get on.....


I have the same pains when l walk and my legs feels heavy and tired after just a few yards. I try to walk through the pain by always taking my time. My Rheumy and physio both tell me it's important to keep exercising as much as possible to work all the muscles. Try not to overdo it and get plenty of rest also.


I was actually diagnosed with discoid Lupus in 2006 I had been getting skin lesions on my chest and back for over a year and was originally told that it was ringworm!

I was later diagnosed with SLE in 2009/2010 after i complained of swoollen joints and was constantly feeling tired.


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