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Plaquenil has changed names

Hi everyone, I was prescribed plaquenil 3 months ago for my palindromic arthritis. Found it made such a difference that I didn't realise how much pain I was in. 2weeks ago my GP put my repeat prescription in and I was given Quinoric. Within 48hrs I was in agony. My joints seized up, blurred vision, migraines and then started to get chest pain. Was a scary experience! I found out it was the dyes and mixers that cause the reaction and alot of people had the same problem. After joining this site I found out that plaquenil has been discontinued so you can imagine the panic. Someone on here phoned the manufacturer and they are supplying the same pill but under the name of zentiva. Luckily after speaking to my pharmacist she found she could get hold of it for me. Started taking it tonight so fingers crossed its ok as I don't want to experience what I did with quinoric.

I just wanted to let you all know just in case you are in the same situation as me. Will keep you all posted if any side effects start

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Hi pickle yes it was myself who contacted Sanofi who then put my through to Zentiva while on the phone as they are their sister company i have been taken the zentiva version for 2 weeks and its the same as our old planqinel. After talking with zentiva the lovely lady gave me all the details on the product number with the pip code, so i posted on here to make it easier for everyone to change..I also am allergic to the Qinoric make as all the fillers are diff and this is what makes quinoric hard to tollerate.....But Zentiva is the great just as our planquinel was...


Thank you, I thought I would post it as loopylou found out as well just wanted to make sure everyone knew as I was panicking last week and so grateful I found this forum!

Brilliant to hear you are getting on ok 😊


Hi sorry hear that,same issue gp had change prescription to prescribe teva brand of hydroxycloriquine sulphate not quinoric which chemist kept wanting give me.had awful butter taste joint pain etc.

Much better in teva brand which chemist has to order.


I started in Plaquenil but after a few batches my pharmacist switched me to Quinoric and then HydroxIchloraquine - which I continued to take until my allergic skin response turned into anaphylaxis. I will have blamed the change in brands but I had a horrid rash the first week I took it when it was Plaquenil. They change drugs to the generic usually anyway as are bound to supply cheapest brand available by NHS. But bad news that the trade type has been discontinued.


Just to confirm to everyone the only change to the old planqinel is that they have droped the name planquinel. And instead of Sanofi on the box the Name is now Zentiva..SANOFI and zentiva are basically the same people. Its still the same people even on the phone when i asked originaly the lady said your on planqinel and explained etc etc to me then called to a lady sitting next to her and said i will pass you over to here she can give you her Zentiva product code etc for the hydroxychloriquine, they were so lovely and she even give me the pip number of her sheet to make sure our pharmacies order the right one..on their contact line its like press 1 for Sanofi 2 for zentiva lol x who would have thought i was really worried as I thought I was going to be having medication of a totally different company... Phewww xx hope this helps. Lupus uk have posted my original info with pip code on their news feed if anyone needs it x

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Thanks for the new info, I couldn't get Plaquenil and was prescribed HCQS which caused bad headaches. Luckily, I am now able to get the Plaquenil again. I will check with my pharmacist re Ventiva.


This is my original post for you all here if you have any problems getting the new tablets, Because of the Plaquinel be brandin When you contact you GP Zentiva have told me the following.


The product code for the product is what they call a pip number as is 1201730 this will make it easier for the pharmacy if they have any problems finding it.

If for any reason they can not get the product on their system they can ring the customer service line on 01483- 505515.

I have been taking the new ones for 2 weeks and they are the same as Planqinel x


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