Anyone experienced this?

Hi all...

Just a quick question. I've had a massive pressure headache all day which the painkillers aren't even touching. In addition to this the right side of my face and the right half of my scalp are painful to touch. When I lightly stroke my cheek it feels like someone is dragging needles through my skin. It is so painful! It's the same on my scalp- my hair even hurts!

Has anyone else come across this? Aside from the able, today has been an ok day. Slept a lot and have had dead and numb legs but all in all i have been worse so try to look on the bright side!

Any feedback would be great xxx

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  • Yes I had this and at the same time a tremendous pain in and around one eye.Got the eyes checked and there was nothing wrong. It all disappeared after a couple of days and never returned.

    Hope yours will too.

    take care


  • sounds like some kind of neuralgia loopylobby.,

    and ursi. if you are female this can be a special kind of migraine. and is often caused by the combined contraceptive pill which if you taking this speak to gp re this sympton and you will have to change to progesterone only pill

  • Hiya, I get something similar. I get very painful pressure headaches of the left side, which spreads downwards and makes my face numb, down to about level with my nose. I thought I was having a mini stroke once. I saw a locus doctor at the time and they didn't have a clue what was going on. I should really bring this up with my rheumy on weds.

  • Hi Loopylooby

    Yes I have a very tender scalp when having a flare. It hurts to brush my hair. Some times I get pulsing headache at my temples but not a sore face or any numbness. I have mentioned this to my consultant ... She just looked at me then changed the subject. Hey ho.

    I hope you go see your GP and get it sorted out.

    Take care x

  • Hi i get this too! Really tender sore scalp at one side, just to touch it slightly is agony, headaches too, i just put it done to lupus symptom!

  • This is first time I've had it- really driving me crazy! Feels like that side of my head has been run over by a truck :-(

  • hi loopylooby been having something similar wich is the reason i sighned up on here had migrane and sore sore head for around three weeks with funny feeling in neck and face got sent to hospital on third viset to doc spent four nights there had ct & mir scans numerous blood tests and a lumber puncture got told it was a differant type of migrane sent home with an appointment for neoro doc witch is tommoro may or may not be similar to your symtoms

  • I get these bad headaches or migraines too the last upto 3 days with nausea. No tablet helps. Pain behind eyes. Have you had your ears checked for inflammation? I seem to get inflammation in my ears a lot when it happens. I'm also wondering if this is partly why I get dizzy/disorientated. Although I get that even when my ears are fine.. It knocks you out.. I also get numbness particularly at night. Hope it's a little better now.

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