Buldging Blood Vessel on right side of scalp

I recently started having headaches and extremely tender scalp. I found this large blood vessel on the right side of my scalp in my hair. It hurts bad. Going to internist on December 2nd so I am trying to ignore it for now. I suffer with vasculitis in my arms and hands but no other heart problems. I do have Hypogammaglobulinemia. Any suggestions?

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  • What you are describing would fit with the signs we tell people to watch out for with something called giant cell arteritis (a form of vasculitis)- above all, the tender scalp. If you can, please try to see a doctor before December. If you have any visual symptoms of any sort please go to the ER and describe all your symptoms and tell them you already have been diagnosed with vasculitis. In that case don't wait until December as your sight could be at risk.

  • Totally agree. Red flag symptoms being described for temporal arteritis. (In my opinion) I would get ESR checked asap, especially if the large blood vessel feels 'boundy' when you press it and release your finger. And if it's nothing, then reassurance is a great thing.

  • I wouldn't leave this any longer than you have to - could be an emergency if it's GCA,

  • Hello, Mcarol68, I agree with your above replies. Those are symptoms for temporal arteritis. Very often drs do not think of this so don't be afraid to ask them to rule this out. It is important as the others have said to see a dr promptly as it can affect eyesight in some cases. If tests eliminate this ... Great! But You need to be seen now. Take Care Pixiewixie

  • I completely agree with others. Red flag, ER.

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