I had to laugh!!!

I have had a busy week at work this week and am feeling really tired -today especially. On my way home from work, I stopped at the local shop. They have a promotion at the moment with chocolate at the checkout for £1. Anyway I stood in the queue, bone weary and desperate to get home -when I reached the checkout, the very chirpy assistant asked me "would you like some timeout this evening madam", - I was rather taken aback with her rather personal question, but answered with "we'll I am planning on having a long soak in the bath". I don't know who was the most embarrassed, me when I realised she was pointing at the timeout bars of chocolate on the counter, or her when she got more information than she bargained for. I could distinctly hear the chuckles from the queue behind me but I laughed all the way home lol xx

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  • This made me laugh....nice one:) x

  • Nice!!!!

  • Thanks could do with more laughs :) surely cheered me up

  • :-):-):-)

  • There are good stories, and there are brilliant anecdotes - this is brilliant and has made me laugh! :)

  • Oh I am so glad there is not only me that does things like this, thanks for the laugh.xx

  • That has started my day with a smile. Did you enjoy your 'TIME OUT' ?

  • That's brilliant!

  • lol nice one!! made me laugh x

  • Gggggggg ..giggling on ;)

  • Lol!!! It cheer me up reading this after long busy week at work plus working two evening in the week . Phew!!

  • Love it thank you I needed that. :D x

  • Love it thank you I needed that. :D x

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