reducing hours at work but they unhappy about set shifts. any ideas

i have worked for nhs for 13 yrs but have moved from an acute hospital to community. although i loved working in the acute i found my body couldnt cope. i started community hosp in january but i am still finding 3 nights tough. i am a single mum now so cannot work day shifts due to the costs of childcare and nights pay more. my daughters dad can have her the nights i work and on sunday afternoons/evenings. anyway i have requested to drop my hours to 2 nights and do a 6 hour late shift every sunday (more money for sun). work are ok about reducing hours to 26 a week but say i cannot work late shift every sunday as i must be flexible!. this is the only way i can afford to drop hours. i do not qualify for benefits and have a mortgage to pay. does anyone no of any loop hole in working regs that i can use to get hours i need please.

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  • Speak to your Disability employment advisor at the Jobcentre, they should be able to help mediate.

    Good luck x

  • Hi used to work in a Hospital, couldn't carry on, lucky I have a Husband not sure how long he will put up with me though

    Before I was given early medical retirement working in a Hospital I used to get several days holiday so I took a days holiday every week, it didn't help with the extra pay on a Sunday though, perhaps someone might swaps shifts with you.

    Sorry not up to date with loop holes.

    Good luck

  • Hi have you thought about doing locum work through an agency? I work as a practice nurse 2 days a week only and thats permenant then on the side i do locum work. Pay is much more and there is alot of work going. You book the shifts that you require, just make it known to them that you want to do nights. I use to work at A&E even though i loved it, i couldnt handle the pressure due to lupus and they wanted me to be flexible rather then set days. Hope this helps xx

  • Thats what I did Rhee, had a contract for 20 hrs/ 2 nights, did a 3rd night or an extra shift on the bank if I could/was needed. I worked nights and when it became too much swapped to the Day Hospice, I had a verbal agreement to switch from 20hrs nights to 30hrs days so my money would be the same but they renaged on the deal. The Union couldn't find a loophole

    How many of us are ex-nurses?

  • thanks everyone. i have a meeting with the matron on thurs morning so fingers crossed.

  • Good luck, do you have occ health involvement to back you up? I'm lucky enough to be able to do my very hectic Ward Clerk job on a 5 day , 4 hour shift pattern starting late afternoon and doing the Sunday for the 'double bubble'! Some nurses do seem to have set shifts where children are involved & that's without illness to take into consideration either. Perhaps your trust is being just downright unhelpful. We work for the nhs in a supposed caring environment, that should be for us staff as well as for our patients. I'm sure that you could be accomodated in being on a set Rota. Otherwise what an excellent idea, work a shift a week on Agency, you'll earn far more pay than the nhs pay us! X

  • thanx Mandam, i have talked to occ health and they think i can apply for 'reasonable adjustment' but this doesn't include a set shift pattern. saying that its only the sunday i want as a definate shift. your right tho some nurses seem to get it all, i have an 8 yr old daughter and im a single mum, and dont get any perks. maybe i just dont shout loud enough lol. tho becoming so independent its difficult asking for help, i dont want special treatment but just a bit of give and take would be nice. im fed up of giving and them taking. think i have ranted enough, its been a tough night shift lol

  • Stand your ground in the nicest possible way. If you're valued they'll do all they can to help! Lupus comes under the disabiility act as we have long standing, incurable illness. You're not saying you don't want to work, your saying that life's changed and work and home life need rebalancing so as you can give your best and full attention to your nursing without being distracted or called away. The Sunday is a solid day for your childcare & being financially helped by Sunday enhancements you have less worries and a clear head therefore att work! Stress is our enemy, Lupus thrives on it. Would they really want to cause you unecessary suffering? X

  • well meeting never happened, she didnt turn up. got home (id done night shift) and in a hit the housework in a fit of temper. feel like i been hot by bus today. will i ever learn lol

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