Struggling Lupie Looking for Friends

Struggling Lupie Looking for Friends


Yes I am from the USA, no I do not like it at the moment but it is what it is. I just started a job that after one shift I had to tell them that I couldn't work the job. 1. Due to standing 6-8 hours per day and being in all sorts of varying weather. My Lupus has sought revenge so to speak from Saturday's Job Shift and it stinks.

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  • Hello LifeAsALupie,

    Sorry to hear of your current struggles, but glad to see you here. I have found this forum to be a great help, with lots of knowledgeable and friendly people, so I bet you will find some support here too. Keep in touch! Mx

  • Hi Life as Lupie!

    Welcome to the forum :) I am from the UK but if you need any advice or just someone to talk to I am around :) We also have a facebook group

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