Nutrition, Diet and Lupus - A professional perspective

Hi Everyone,

I've seen that recently a few of you are writing about diet/nutrition and lupus, and a big thank you to Colette who has mentioned my work.

I just thought I would post briefly here.

I am a rgistered nutritionist (BSc Hons, MSc Nutritional Medicine) and also have qualifications in counselling, eating disorders management and obesity management. Currently I am in the final stages of getting qualified as a meditation teacher also. So my view is very holistic and I do my best to integrate a whole approach in my work.

I have a diagnosis of Lupus Spectrum Disorder and manage my symptoms through diet and lifestyle with no medication at the moment - although I have to say that with my holistic view I have no problem with medication when it is needed. Right now I am blessed that I can manage my condition without it.

With regards nutrition/diet - I truly believe it has a MASSIVE impact on lupus symptoms. I have written a research review paper on the issue and found many studies that show that nutrition can be important. Professor Graham Hughes has read my work and has also communicated with me - he believe diet has an impact too.

On my website there is a free article that I wrote for the LUPUS UK Cambridgeshire newsletter which you can download - it has a brief introduction in it about diet and lupus.

On my website you can also buy my research review paper - it is scientific but can be helpful when talking with your consultant. It costs £3.99

At the moment I am preparing to write an e-leaflet about diet, nutrition, lifestyle and lupus - to translate my scientific findings into an accessible form. I hope I can have it finished soon.

What we eat can impact every part of our body and I strongly believe that having a healthful diet can help with lupus a great deal. It doesn't need to be a strict all-or-nothing approach. Small changes do add up.

I'll leave it there for now

Best regards and loving wishes

Ani x

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Wow! This is exciting to me, so thankyou very much. I have been trying for svch a lng time to be heard by ANYONE, as far as i am concerned the food way has to be better than pumping me full of medicines, 19 a day at present and each tablet has side effects. The most common is chronic fatigue, and as that is something that i suffer from constantly it does not make sense to me


I look forward to reading this!

thanks, Lulabelle x


Great! Look forward to reading it. We don't really have much control over the drugs we take but at least we can choose what food to eat. Thanks.


Thanks Jinny,

I did ask before I posted links to my website. However, I take your point and am happy to stop posting. The review paper isn't an expensive item and actually only one person has ever bought it - which makes me think that many people are not that interested in the evidence based research.

I am not trying to exploit this site at all. I haven't had an income in over a year because I have been concentrating on doing my best to write and help other people with Lupus.

I have posted many, many long and detailed pieces here with lots of research - they have all been available completely for free. They have taken me many hours to research, prepare and write.

I am actually very upset by your comment, I have taken it to heart. I'd like to make clear that my intentions have only ever been loving, if I could give my research paper away for free then I would.

I'll leave it there and trust that if anyone wants information they will come to my website where a lot is available for free.

With my kindest regards and best wishes

Ani x


i deleted my comment if upset you. i just don't think selling here is right thats all.Just my opinion.As i said i just think any selling that goes on in this particular page,,the proceeds should then go to Lupus UK.,,i believe none of us should be here to sell for our own financial gain ,how ever small or large a margin it is.

If this upset you then i am sorry but as i said,just my opinion.



Thanks Ani, I read your article about lupus and diet and I found it really helpful. I also read the Lupus Recovery Diet book .. and started to feel a bit overwhelmed so I am going to see a nutritional therapist on Saturday to help me with the diet. I'm going to write about it in my blog.


Ani - Just read briefly your comments about vit D and it fits with the way I've been feeling for quite a while. Its reassuring to know that my Lupus doc is on the right track. She prescribed 4 high doses of the vitamin this year and I have one more next month, after that its a daily dose at home. I also take hydroxychloroquine and it bothered me a bit about the negative effects, but my doctor prescribed and its helped so I'll stay with it for now. Always the way with drugs, side effects that need other meds....Thank you for taking the time to post that link. I'm sure you only meant to help :)


Hi Dryad, I'm Jill, the author of "The Lupus Recovery Diet". I read that you feel "overwhelmed" after reading about the diet - am happy to answer any questions for you. You can email me directly from the website - or post the questions here. All the best, Jill


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