a little afraid : (

II've been coughing up blood for about 2 weeks now. My gp sent me for a chest xray when it first started but it came back clear. I know I should be releived but because a fortnight later its still happening I am a little scared. Its varies from being all blood to tiny specks and although I have a little discomfort in the top of my chest not much to write home about. Sorry to be a bit of a misery this morning but just needed to talk to someone about my fears xx


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15 Replies

  • Hi Loopyloo

    I suppose there could be several different reasons for this, and I'm afraid I don't know what they are, so not much use here!

    I think you need to keep checking with you GP till he/she can give you a clear reason for it.

    Take care, Bill x

  • Thanks Bill, I have been telling myself to think positive and keeping a smile on my face when people are around. I am speaking to the gp that I feel more comfy with this morning. All the gps at at the practice are lovely but think I have more confidence in this one as she was there at the onset of my journey. I think that because this is how it started last time probs being a little more paranoid than I should be. xxx

  • Lots of reasons for coughing up blood but all should be investigated, have you had blood tests. Go back to your Gp and tell him it is ongoing, if he cannot explain cause then ask for second opinion or referral to chest team at hospital. Check that you are not on any medication that may be affecting this, have you any other symptoms

  • Hi luckykate7, Thanks for replying, I am speaking to another gp this morning and I am due to see my consultant on the 3rd Oct. As I have just saiid to Bill think my mind is working overtime because this is how it started last time. Take care xxx

  • Sending you my love and best wishes Looploo.

    Sandra x

  • Hi Loopyloo,

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you but I just wanted to send you love and best wishes. Along with a big hug.

    Georgina xx

  • Hi Georgina, Thank you, Think my mind is just working overtime because everything is similar to the last time. Probs nothing, in a fortnight after seeing my consultant I'll probabley be calling myself a silly beggar for worrying before I've had answers lol. Take care xxx

  • Hi Loopyloo,

    I can understand your fears, I think it is better to be safe than sorry. The thing with routine chest x rays is they don't look below the diaphragm. The danger of this is it can look 'clear' but something can be lurking at the base of the lung that is not seen. I would demand a lateral view x ray, especially in view of your history. I had several chest x rays in a 12 month period and was told they were all 'clear' I had an 11cm tumour lurking at the base of my lung which couldn't be seen on a routine x ray, It was eventually seen on a CT scan when I collapsed. It would be good to try and have it done before you see the consultant on the 3rd then at least he will have a better idea of what he is looking at.

    Wishing you all the best and really hoping its nothing to worry about

    love Lyn xx

  • Hi Lyn, I spoke to my gp yesterday and she has prescribed me a different antibiotic to take. They have written to my consultant to inform him of things. It sounds a little horrible but I have took a couple of pics of what I'm coughing up to show him because sometimes I find it hard to describe. The only thing I can think positively about at the moment is I have not lost much weight and although I have a little periodic niggly cough when I have exerted myself its not the hacking cough like I had last time. I am waking up whistling though and getting a little more breathless than usual. I am trying to keep a diary. I still have the number of the lung cancer nurse from last time so I may give her a ring on Monday. Thanks for your advice Lyn, take care xxx

  • Hope things are ok loopy loo and that your lung cancer nurse was able to help

  • hi Lucykate7, I'm afraid I didn't contact her but I did speak to the gp I feel more comfortable with. She did help with my fears of taking another antibiotic and I did agree to give them a shot. Although I have not coughed up any blood for a few days I still have that little niggle of a cough and last week I was off work for 4 out of 5 days but think that could have been a bug. I am going to see my consultant on Thursday so hopefully he can alleiviate my fears. Thanks Lucykate xxx

  • Pleased to hear things are improving, good luck for your consultant appointment

  • Hi all,

    First off I would like to extend my gratitude for all your support.

    Went to see my consultant this afternoon, he hadn't received the letter from my gp but managed to find my recent xray. I had took pics of what I had been coughing up and found this helpful when asked to describe it. I explained to him about what had been going on and although he is not unduly worried, he is sending me for a scan within the next week and following that a bronchoscopy. I've not coughed up any blood for a few days now but still have a niggling discomfort in my chest.

    Thanks again everyone for your kindness & support,

    loopyloo xx

  • Fed up with being cut opened, I had half my left lung cut out in 2008 but had no chemo or any other treatment, then in 2010 they saw more shadows on both my lungs so had more surgery to see at what stage they were at but it came back inconclusive. I was told that I would not be able to have any more surgery as I would have lots of scar tissue but now they want to take more biopies from my remaining half lung on my left side, its slowly growing. They confuse me as they say they want to know what it is and at what stage it is at. It takes months to get over these operations. I am not dealing with this very well at the moment.

  • I would go see a pulmonologist, not your GP if it was me..😉

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