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Is a shadow on the lung always cancer?

My Auntie is going in for a CT scan tomorrow to look further into the shadow they have found on her left lung. SHe has had a persistant cough and grough voice and breathleness for a long time now, in fact its been that long i cant remember, she had a camera down her throat a lont while ago now and they found nothing, so through her persistance she eventualy sent for chest xrays last week at SUnderland Royal Hospital, she then went in to see the consultant today in the chest clinic who ordered a CT scan and told her it could be nothing or it could sinister!!!! but never really gave an indication of what it is? SHe is obviously very worried about this now.

Just a year ago we lost a very good friend to Lung Cancer and watched her suffer so much.

We just pray that she is on the scale he gave her of it could be nothing? She has never smoked.

What else could this be, does anyone know....

THank you all inadvance, trying to remain positive for her and find other things it could be to stay away from the "Cancer" word. but everything i google comes back to LUng cancer..

A very worried Neice

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Hi Kimbo1,

try not to worry . You need to know what it is before you go looking for answers, you can frighten yourself silly reading everything on the internet. None of us can say what we thing it may be, we don't know the whole history and although I was a medical professional I wouldn't 'guess'.

I would however get your aunt to put herself in the best possible place to tackle whatever it is by making sure she is keeping as active as possible and eating a healthy well balanced diet. Believe me this is very important. Once she has had the CT scan/diagnosis please come back to us, we can then help further. I really hope it is good news you get, but please let us know either way.

Take care

Lyn x


Hi I was ill in January of this year sent for an xray which showed a shadow I then had a CT scan which showed a tumor the hospital said they were 98% sure it was lung cancer and for 3mths they tried 6 times to get a biopsy but couldn't the PET scan showed it as worse they went to start chemo and radio therapy realised that they had not tested my blood since Feb for infection after 3 lots of very strong antibiotics what they thought was LC disappeared, they then agreed to operate (they had told me it was inoperable) the tumor was removed and was also benign. All the way through with the support of my family and close friends I tried my best to remain positive the worst was with what I read on line don't google until you have a diagnosis and never be afraid to question or have a second opinion.

I wish your aunt all the best stay strong for her x


I agree Google is such a bad idea. When my mum was diagnosed I went online and it frightened the life out of me ! X


My mum is going through the same thing right now . But she's had cancer before so understandably we're worried . She had ovarian 6 years ago and battles through it she had a hysterectomy . 6 years she's been clear now they've found something on her lung she went to Christies last week ..she gets her results on the 25th the date of my sons birthday also


I am really sorry,you must be worried.

Does anyone kow what the difference is between a shadow or a scar on lung?


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