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Petrified - Lung Cancer - x ray wait

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Hi All

I am new to this forum and just need some advice. I have been a heavy smoker for many years. Last Sunday the 18th I coughed up blood. I have been coughing up since -they seem to be little streak, look like a vein. It is not a lot of blood -small amounts in my sputum. I immediately gave up soking and as I am clearing my lungs there are small streaks still. I am actually too afraid to cough. I do not have any major chest pain, no pain in shoulders so I just do not know what is happening.

I am not wheezing and my chest is clear apart from the sputum clearing from my lungs cos os stopping smoking.

I went to my GP on Monday the 19th who looked at the photos of the sputum and did not act very worried but did send me up to Lincoln hospital for x rays which I had on the same day. That was Monday - I have waited everyday for some results. It is the 24th and still no contactfrom my GP surgery about the x ray results. I am terrified that I may have lung cancer.

The next day the GP will be open is 28th after the Christmas holidays. So I am left in a state and ruining my and my familys Christmas with my worry.

My issue is that I was under the impression that if there was anything serious found on the x rays it would be reported to my GP as quickly as possible and I would get a call. I have not heard from anybody and my GP actually only works as a locum at the surgery Monay and Tuesdays. So it was from Monday to Friday (yesterday) that I could be called and nothing.

Can anybody shed some light on the time it takes and if it is indeed true that when the radiographer finds a serious condition on the xray - should i know by now.

Any help or support would mean so much to me as I am just so worried.

Thanks all in advance.

Regards, Brian (46 years old)

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Hi Brian, You may be worrying for nothing. If it was something sinister the hospital would write to you as well as your doctor. It is probably a chest infection. If however it did happen to be lung cancer they have to contact you and diagnose you asap. Try not to worry too much. ( I know its easier said than done).

If you were under a consultant or oncology department at the hospital , you could always phone them for re assurance.

Please keep us posted. :) xx

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Brimay in reply to jillygirl

Thank you Jillygirl, I will update you as soon as I have been able to make contact with my surgery next Wednesday.

Have a good Christmas and stay well.

God bless,


When I had my first X-ray I got a phone call from the surgery the next morning trying to make an appointment for me. That was the day after the X-ray. I'm not saying there is nothing wrong but as you have had no call it is less likely.

I know it's not easy but there is nothing you can do so try and relax and stop worrying till you can get in touch. I still worry every time I've had a ct scan till I can get the results. It's human nature.

Enjoy Christmas with the thought that you can do nothing for the moment. Not helpful but!


Hi my partner was sent. For a x ray on a Thursday in September. In the morning and his doctor rang him that evening to say he had a shadow on is iung. He had to have another. Scan a couple le of days later. And was told. He had iung cancer that same day so if I was you I would not worry to much. Because with my partner. They were very quick because they have to be. With lung cancer hope this is of some help. Good luck

Thanks for the encouragement Brogan-12

Brian sorry your so stressed understandably i know ...when i had my xray i got a phone call about 2 hours after... and my GP told m over the phone and it was the way she kept saying how sorry she was that i realised it was cancer.. so i think you would have heard if it was a major worry xx

Thank you and I hope that you are making a recovery. I am so sorry you were told like that. God Bless. Brian

Hello All, thank you all so much for your encouragement over the holidays. I called today and my x rays have come back clear. Turns out they were there last week but the surgery did not bother letting me know. Changed surgeries today to a more proactive one. Thank you all and God Bless. Brian

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Jodie1995 in reply to Brimay

I would enquire about a CT scan :) it's shows things x rays can't see apparently! My mum has one tomorrow due to a cough that hasn't gone, chest x-ray was clear for her, so fingers crossed CT scan will be to!

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Brimay in reply to Jodie1995

Hi Jodie, i will enquire but my cough has gone pretty much shortly after i put the cigarettes down. Please do let me know how it goes with your Mother tomorrow. I am sure she will be fine. Take care...:-)

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Brimay in reply to Jodie1995

Hi Jodie, how did your Mums CT scan go today? Hope all went well...

Hi All,

The mystery continues. After initially posting in late December about coughing up blood and having a clear chest x ray, I took myself off to a private CT scan just to be sure. That came up completely normal - nothing found. I had a break from coughing up blood for about 3 weeks and now have started coughing up blood again and that is after a clear chest xray and clear CT scan.

I started coughing up blood again yesterday. They are now going to do a Broncoscopy on me on the 20th.

Has anybody out there got any idea why I could still be coughing up blood again. It is very strange.

Look forward to your replies and Love to all.



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