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CT Scan 5 months after lobectomy.

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Hi again people, hope all is well. I just have a quick question please. Quick background in case unfamiliar, my tumour was found on the 31st January this year. I had an upper right lobectomy on 21st March (5cm stage IIa adenocarcinoma) and am half way through four rounds of chemotherapy using cisplatin and pemetrexed.

I am down for a CT scan mid August, just wondering whether it is usual for the first imaging to be done so long after surgery and treatment?

Thanks in advance and best regards xx

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Generally every 6 months.

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Dear lucanus

Hope you are feeling reasonably well on your chemotherapy.

You should initially have a follow up appointment 2-6 weeks post surgery/chemotherapy.

Follow up CT scans can be between 3-6 months, it can depend on the Hospital cancer care policy, you could check with your lung cancer nurse specialist.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our Freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Firstly good that you were able to have surgery and now having chemo. The timelines are laid down in the protocol/NICE guidelines for managing lung cancer and as already stated, it can vary locally. However CT scans themselves are delivering radiation and as many trusts do not have very low dose scanners, they do not keep doing CT scans more than necessary as that would be considered 'harm'. Chest x-rays are usually first check with CT after a number of months or even longer if something arose. I had my upper left lobe removed (not keyhole surgery) in Dec 2010 and had chest x-rays as my only follow on treatment (chemo not proven to work with the rare BAC 7cm adenocarcinoma I had removed). A couple of years later I had a chest infection and other symptoms and had a CT scan to investigate further. In the intervening years I've had a couple more CT scans to investigate other issues, in the same way I've had more bronchoscopies. I'd suggest you asking your hospital/clinician what their follow up period is and the reasons for that. Lung cancer now is treated differently dependent on the biological characteristics and any other conditions the patient may have so always worth checking with your own clinicians first. good luck.

I had the same and no scans until I'd finished treatment (apart from those I had as I went on to have radiotherapy as 'belt and braces' and have no regrets as been all clear since May 2017). After all treatments finished I then had 'base line' scans, MRI and CT and then CT scans every 3 months then it goes to 6 months depending. MRI every year.

Hi Lucanus15

I had CT scan carried out after four cycles of Chemotherapy approximately six months after lobectomy , I do this is normal time frame .

Best wishes


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