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CT Scan

Hi everyone, hope you are all well or getting through treatment in one piece.

My CT Scan is scheduled for 29 June and although not looking forward to it I just hope the tumour has not spread or grown, but, if it has I will cope the best way I can and deal with it. See oncologist on 13 July for results. So far the only symptom I seem to be having is tatigue and I could sleep for my country at the moment. I also seem to have developed a taste for Kettle Crisps. Cough has definitely cleared up. Oooo and itching is another problem just now but I have had that since my diagnosis.

Oncologist says if the tumour has grown or spread I will need chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Oh the joys as I will need a pick line inserted as my veins have all collapsed.

love, hugs, speedy recoveries to you all.

Elaine xx 💖

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Hi Lainey,

I will be thinking of you on both those dates - particularly the July one. I do so hope the results will be good. Please let me know.

Love and hugs,



Hi Tilstongal

Will keep you updated. Hope you are doing well.

Love and hugs back

Elaine xxx


Hi Lainey,

I hope your scan goes well,and your oncologist appointment gives you the news you want.The waiting is never easy.



Hi Lainey

Good luck with it all. This cancer journey is never boring. It all adds to the fun. Strange that you have acquired a fancy for Kettle crisps - I have developed liking for Pringles tortilla chips - never fancied them before. Weird this cancer!!!



Good Luck with it all, my ct scan is 9th July. I have had seriously itchy legs since I came off the chemo. My GP put me on antihistamines and also gave me some liquid paraffin, it was mainly my legs. It cleared up brilliantly. :)


Good luck Elaine and Jeanne

Don't think kettle chip/ pringle cravings are on the official side effects, but good to know about. Treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy can have strange effects on your appetite and skin. Really helpful to hear and share your experiences.

We will be thinking of you on scan and follow up dates,



on behalf of the Information & Support team @RoyCastle


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