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Rocky road to the end of road.


Well my Roy Castle family and friends it does seem that I have come down the rocky road right to the end of the road rather faster than I imagined or liked. I was taken into hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning last week as I was struggling for breath.

To cut a long story short it appears that I have an infection, fluid, tumour blocking ducts, low white and red count, and on Monday after a CT scan blood clots to both lungs.

The upshot of all this is that I have refused any more chemo as I think the side effects are worse than the cancer symptoms.

Tomorrow I am transferring to the local hospice who will take over my symptom and pain management.

Although none of us knows when our time will come I suspect it may be a little sooner for me than others.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all who participate on this site, some of you have given me great support and I think of you as family as much as friends.

I now need to concentrate on my immediate family and also on finalising certain arrangements, so I don't think I shall be posting on this site anymore.

Stay Well everybody.


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I' m so sorry Rabbie, at some point in the not to distant future I'm sure to catch up with you. God speed xxxx

Rab you were so kind to me when I first got my diagnosis and am so sorry to read your post. Enjoy your time with your family and see you at the 1st Tee Off when I join you........take care, love Elaine xxx 💞💜💞

Hi Rab

I felt very sad and tearful reading your text. But I am a strong Hoggy and will be strong for the both of us! I hope your remaining days, even months who really knows? will be joyfully spent with your family.

I/WE will miss you dearly and be

forever in our thoughts.

Hoggy xx

Hi Rabbie,

Im so sorry honey, lots of hugs coming your way.

lots of love



Im so saddened to read your post this morning. You have fought long and hard and given encouragement to many. Like many before you we have wished for a miracle either for our loved ones or 'ourselves' I wish you peace and love as you continue your journey xx Netty xx

Hi Rab,

I am sorry to read your news,I hope you are able to control your pain. I was pleased that you were here for Willow Jean,I think there is another grandchild due any day for you to see.Enjoy your time with your family,best wishes.


I pray that God will bless you with peace for your remaining time on earth Rab.

It's been a privilege to know you even though from far away.


Rabbie im so sorry to hear your new, may you stay as strong now as you have ever been. Thank you for your posts in general which I have found helpful in my journey. I'm sorry you never got that last game of golf in. I hope you get to see your next grandchild soon.

Stay safe on you journey and I hope I am as brave as you when time arrives. :)


A huge thank you for all your support on here Rab, we will miss the advice and continuing wit ! enjoy every moment with your family, lots of love to you all.

Julie xxxx

God bless you Rabbiexxx

You advice and comments have been very supportive to me over the months. You shall be missed. Love to you and your family.

Hi Rab , You will be greatly missed by me and all of the community.

Thank you for your support over the past few years.

Enjoy your time with your family. God bless you. xx

So sorry to read this post Rab. Enjoy every moment with your family and friends. Sending you lots of love and thanks for all your support xxx

So sorry to read your post, you have given so much support and advise to us even when you have not been well yourself, enjoy each day now with your immediate family and friends, god bless you Rabbie.

Margaret xx

Hi Rabbie,Thank you for sharing your cancer journey with us,I am sorry things have turned out this way for you.I will miss so much your posts here,which have left such an impression on me of a person with courage and fortitude and certainly not lacking a sense of humour.Enjoy your time with your family and pass onto them my best wishes.

Dear Rabbie,

I was really so sorry to read your post. You have been a total inspiration on this site and helped others like me to come to terms with their own illness.

I hope that you get to spend quality time it's your family.

I'm sending love and prayers to you and your family at this time.

Tilstongal X

Hi rabbie

So sorry to here your news, I'm sat reading my blog with tears in my eyes, hope they manage your pain as you will be well looked after, enjoy your precious time with family.we have loved all your humour and support to all on this site.

Jean xxx

Reading this makes me so sad I just can't believe or take it in omg that's just horrible rabbis, thinking of u x


Hi Rabbie, I was saddened to read your post maybe with drugs and a the loving care of the hospice and your family you will at last be more comfortable .Thanks you for the support you have given me for the short time I have been on this sight .I shall be thinking of you and sending hugs to you. Diane

Hello Rabbi

I was reading your last post and want to say how I admire the way you are handling this. It's very sad that's it's come to this when yiu have fought so hard, luckily on reading your posts of the past, yiu gave grabbed life by the horns and still managed to cram a lot in, visiting your grandchildren in Singapore and lots if other times. I wish you a peaceful time now, and rightfully spending IT with your family and dearest, you are in a good place now. Never really knew you as I'm pretty new to this site, but was very admiring how you handled your illness. God bless you and your family.



Rab.....more people like you the world would be a better place...An inspiration. x

Hi Rab - I am so sorry that time is running out for you rather quicker than you hoped - you HAVE been an amazing inspiration and I am sure you have given so many people so much comfort whilst battling your own demons................I hope that you can spend quality time with those closest to you and that well you find peace when the time comes.............xx

Hi Rabbie,

Hated reading this, made me very sad. Nobody has fought harder than you and it seems so unfair. I haven't been too hot myself due to chemo, so haven't been able to keep tabs on you-but you gave been in my thoughts & prayers.

There comes a time for us all & I wish you peace, rest & love.

The one cause of chemo I had doesn't seem to have done much good, certainly night on my brain. The 13 little Indians are still there waiting to wreak their mischief and as I have refused whole head radiotherapy I may be seeing you sooner rather than later. I'll caddy for you-but can't gaurantee that you'll get the right clubs.

Until we all meet again, much love.

From Laura or Ermintrude if you like.


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