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Advice please 're low sodium ?


MY MUM has just come back from her oncologist appointment with the top consultant. She had her bloods taken this morning and the results show her sodium levels have dropped again to 122. They should be 133 to 135.

She had her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy approx 5 wks ago of carboplatin and eptoside but the weekend before she was due her 3rd cycle she was admitted into the acute medicine unit after 24 he vomiting.

After various tests they found nothing and suspected it was a viral bug and was discharged the next day.

She was put on steroids 4mg for 7 days to build her up.

She finished the course yesterday.

As a matter of course they are sending her for a bone density scan and a mri of her head.

She has lung cancer with Mets to the liver and her oncologist is happy as after only 2 cycles it's shrunk considerably.

My concerns are before she was diagnosed with the cancer last October her salts were low for 2 months which they said was an indicator.

Now it's low again am worried?

Should I be?

Thanks in advance.

She's having her 3rd chemo cycle next Wednesday.

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Dear Hopes77

First of all we apologise that you have not received a reply from the Roy Castle lung cancer foundation, we endeavour to reply to all posts and am sorry for the delay in responding.

It is encouraging that your Mum has had a good response to the chemotherapy, and that the medical team are being thorough in conducting the bone density and MRI. Perhaps speak to your Mum's lung cancer specialist nurse about the low sodium, it is understandable where your thoughts may be going with this, and would be helpful for you to have some reassurance.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best with your Mum's scan results

The Roy Castle Support Team


Hi Hopes,

Did you get to the bottom of the low sodium? Mine has gone down again, not too far but it has made me worry a little. My doctor isn't as concerned but will probably need it retested soon. It has been a little while since my last treatment, so I cannot blame that.



Sorry I'm just replying to your post but as you can imagine back and forth to hospital appointments and more scans.

Two days after her bloods were retaken my mum's sodium levels went back to normal.

The prof oncologist said that this can also happen 're side affect of the chemotherapy, because she had been vomiting and also because she was drinking too much water.

It was flushing her sodium out.

They have reduced her water intake to 1.5 litres a day.

I hope you've now got to the bottom of your sodium decline and are now starting to feel stronger and much more positive.

Kind regards x


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