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Low sodium is back

Hi, wondering anyone has experienced low sodium and it not be related to SCLC!!

My mum was diagnosed with SCLC stage 3 spread to lymph nodes, back in March 2017 after being admitted to hospital with low sodium (113) she had SIADH, which is associated with SCLC, started chemo in April and radiotherapy in May all treatment finished in September! And the sodium had returned to normal! Had a scan in October to be told the tumour in her lung had gone and lymph nodes returned to normal size. Was told to go and “enjoy” life and spend time with family and they would review her in January! She was scanned last Thursday (4th) and we get results on the 11th jan! But Friday Mum had some bloods done and got a phone call that evening to say her sodium is low and she needed to go to a&e. My thinking is that the cancer has started to rear it’s ugly face again, but I’m hoping someone on here has had a similar experience and it’s not the cancer.

She is currently on dalterparin for blood clots in spleen, kidney, heart!

Bispronol for blood pressure

Recently diagnosed with T2D and put in meteformin! The a&e doctor thinks nothing to do with the medication but he didn’t seem to know much about connection between SIADH and SCLC!! So frustrating I just want some hope!!

Sorry for the long post!!

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Hi sorry to hear about your problems, I had radiotherapy in 2010 every day for 6 weeks except weekends did not experience any problems other than I have been left with pain. In the right shoulder blade which I think was caused by the radiotherapy,

I was told that the tutor had shrunk by 40%

Later that year I was admitted to hospital any they found that my lung had collapsed have lived with this ever since.

Recently I had a bronchoscopy could not find any sign of the cancer, but found a Nasty infection in the lung although I was on antibiotics they weren’t right for this infection my oncologist phoned in the evening and asked that I go to the doctors and get new antibiotics.

I have to cope with copd which doesn’t help

Don’t think any of the above will help but just to let you know there is a cure for lung cancer it was 8 years ago that I was diagnosed




Oh wow that’s great to hear!!

What’s stage did you have?! Had yours spread?!

Makes me hopeful for my Mum x

All the best Alex

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Dear Saddolly

Sorry to hear about your Mums illness and understandable your concern and worry about your Mums low sodium, it is good you will be seeing the specialist on the 11th for the scan results. You could call the lung cancer specialist nurse to discuss your concern prior to this, seeing you Mum was recently at A&E.

SIADH has been reported to occur in 7-16% of SCLC, and a factor of SIADH is low sodium levels as you have mentioned. The following link provides information on this under the bracket of Paraneoplastic syndrome- ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

The October scan was encouraging and good to hold onto, wishing you the best of luck with the scan results on the 11th. If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

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Thanks for your reply!!


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