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It is with much pain in my heart to say that sclc has beaten my hubby. He fought so hard many times we have been told that he wouldn't be here and that he was on borrowed time. But he didn't want to give in. Unfortunately his heart just couldn't cope and died in my arms Fri morning.

When will they have a break through with this disease . They can do brain surgery to a baby in the womb but not find effective remedy for this.

Good luck to all fighting this dreadful thing x

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My condolences

So so sorry for your loss. It's such a bloody cruel disease x

Really sorry to hear your news. My heart goes out to you xxx

So very sorry for your loss i lost my partner in march to this dreadfull disease sclc i feel your pain god bless xx

So sorry for your loss

So sorry for your loss.

So sorry .cancer is so horrible .it doesnt care who it takes or the devastation it leaves behind x

I'm so very sorry Jackie

I know the pain of watching and caring for him through this makes it so much harder for you after his valiant fight. It is the very meanest disease.

My heart is heavy dear lady and I will say prayers for your comfort and strength.

Pamela Richardson

Condolences dear Jacs to you and your Family. I hope you have help and not coping alone.

Dear Jacs55,

This is a very sad time for you,your family and friends. All of the team at the Helpline send you our sincere condolences.

With kind regards.

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