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Navelbine tablet form

Hi my name is clair I was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 4 lung cancer adeno. I couldn't have surgery as cancer was to close to heart so I went on Chemo carboplatin and permextred this helped for a while but cancer stared to grow again. I was lucky enough to be accepted for immunotherapy nivolumab which worked for 12 months with hardly any side effects. Unfortunately 8 weeks ago my liver enzymes shot up so was no longer in the criteria. I've just had scan results and cancer has grown but by very small amount. My dilemma now is the choices that I have which are Chemo docetaxel and nintendanib or just tablet Chemo navelbine or nothing at all. Was just wondering if anybody has had these drug and if they are beneficial. Sorry for such long post but can't switch off at the moment. Would be grateful for any response. Thanks

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Hi Claire

I had docetaxol and nintedanib last year. The chemo reduced the tumour size and I stayed on the nintedanib for about 10 months. Unfortunately I had progression so stopped it and am now looking for clinical trials.

Do you have any mutations which could be targeted. Lots of developments there.


Hi Hilly blue, thanks for your reply, I have decided now to try the docetaxel and nintendanib, I have no mutations that I know about. Did this drug make you very ill? Hope you manage to find a suitable trial. It seems that because I had immunotherapy they are always concerned about my response to anything else. Let me know how you get on with any trials you might find. Thanks again . Clair


Hi Clair

I tolerated the Nintedanib very well. No major side effects - very slight sickness but ok if taken with food.

The Docetaxol helps to knock the cancer back and isn't too bad. I'd had cisplatin before and the side effects from that are much more severe.. I'm sure you'll manage ok.

You really need to ask your specialist about testing for mutations if you haven't already as there are lots of targeted drugs

Wishing you all the best

Good luck



Hi thanks , I had the cisplatin before and found it not to bad . Hopefully will be fine. I intend to ask about mutations on my next visit I will make notes this time as I always seem to get put off. All the best to you and thanks for your help, Clair x


Hello Clair, welcome to our forum, this must be a difficult time for you, your oncologist will be able to advise on which treatment he would recomend that gives you the best outcome. Others on this forum will have had first hand experance of these treatment choices and I am sure they will share with you how they have responded.

Below I have added links to the cancer research site which gives you a good explaination of the drugs, how they work and of any possible side effects.



If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


Thank you very mic for the links I found them very helpful.



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