Mum diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer - The fight is on!!

Hi all,

Well firstly i cant believe i am here but also very grateful to find this site. Its unbelievable how quickly your life can turn upside down in moments.

I also want to say keep going to everyone out there, its a horrible place to be and i feel for anyone gong through this.

My darling Mum has diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with leptomeningeal Mets. i google way to much and am devastated. However, after a lot of reading i am focusing on the success and survivor stories and the statistics for longer term survival.

A little background - Mum did not have any symptoms really - she had a little numbness in her leg which she went to the doctors about but apart from that was in great health - all still is. The only symptom was some slurred speech on the phone to me so i insisted she went to hospital - from there our world unravelled.

In 2 months there has not been any deterioration, which is a real plus. She starts chemo a week today with a combination of cisplatin and pemetrexed. Our focus has been to keep her positive (she really is, actually amazingly so) and keeping her fit and healthy. I moved her to a very healthy diet for cancer fighting foods ensuring its balanced and nutritious (i bought her scales so she can maintain weight) she is also juicing twice a day. she also supplementing with Curcumin, red grape seed extract, milk thistle, aloe vera, selenium, black seed oil, moringa powder and echinea. shes also shoting raw garlic and drinking 2 litres of water a day. exercise daily of a 40 minute swim or jog. She is maintaining excellent health and is determined to fight the whole way. She declined prognosis, we talked about it and decided she didn't need to hear life expectancy, we figured it was a guess at best and would dent the absolute positivity she has that she will survive years and years which is possible.

My personal aim has been to lengthen her odds as much as possible, research what helps, can help or might help and chuck everything at it. research what complications can arise and work out how to reduce them. Called out to friends and family which we are lucky to have for support and encouragement and learn as much about the disease as possible. Got her on cannabis oil as well which she is enjoying a little too much :-)

My next task is to make sure she is getting the right treatment at the right time. i believe oncologists do the best they think but i don't believe its always for the best. I would hate my Mum to miss out on some real life saving treatment cause she has a stuck in the mud oncologist who plays it too safe or because a lack of equipment etc...

I hope your not to bored of the post and read to here... :-)

The first treatment is chemo, does this sound right to everyone? he did mention radiation but not until he knows how the chemo is going to pan out. Im very worried about the brain thing, it has a devastating prognosis however, Mum does seem to have lived with it for months without it causing her any real issues and no real deterioration.

Im also curious on peoples ideas around supplements with chemo as well?

Thanks for reading and thank you for taking the time to reply of you do. i adore my Mum and cant imagine this world without her.

Julie xx

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  • Dear Julie

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your Mums illness and it sounds like you are taking very special care of her.

    You are very motivated and are doing your optimum best , being positive is such a huge part as well as having as much support for both your Mum and the family.

    If it is stage 4 lung cancer , surgery may not be an option depending on they type of cancer and Chemotherapy can be first line then perhaps, radiotherapy or immunotherapy, all this depends on the type of cancer cells.

    Everyone responds differently to the chemotherapy, and once the course is finished scans will be repeated to assess or review a different treatment plan.

    If your Mum does not have a lung cancer specialist nurse, you can request one from the Oncologist, as they are a great source of information and support.

    We have lots of information on our website where you can order booklets online or cancer research UK have information on clinical trials that are currently on in the UK :

    In regards to supplements , it would be good to check with either the Oncologist or Chemotherapy team to make sure there will be no interactions with the medication.

    There are lots of support out there, support groups, Maggies Centres and Macmillan Nurses, all can provide advice and what is available in your area.

    Wishing you all the very best

    If you wish to discuss anything we have a free nurse led helpline on 0800 358 7200

    The Roy Castle Support Team

  • Hey all,

    Just wanted to give a quick update!!

    6 months in and Mum is doing great. The main tumour has shrunk and her lepto symptoms are slight and under control.

    Mum is in great shape and enjoying life

    Wishing everyone all the best on there journeys

    Jules xx

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