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Sharing good news - stage IIIB NSCLC

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I thought I would share some good news. My recent scans (MRI & CT) came back all clear!

I was diagnosed June 2014 with stage IIIB NSCLC and have had chemo, radiotherapy and then had a lobectomy in June 2015. I have had no treatment since the surgery and my scans have remained all clear since then too. The scans this week were my first ones after a six month interval so I was really relieved!

I am still out running and keeping fit and managed to run Snowdonia marathon at the end of october.

I am sharing this to give others hope and to send all my best wishes to you all for a lovely Christmas.

Janey x

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Warmest congratulations Janey_H What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kind regards

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

fantastic. I couldn't run a snowdon marathon (or any other!) before lobectomy so totally in awe of you!

Fabulous news Janey :) thanks for sharing it with us - long may it continue :) xx

Excellent news Janey well one

opps meant well done of course xx

Well done Janey on all fronts! You really are fitter than fit ☺. My last two scans were clear too for the lungs and the now missing tumour!! I will wait for my third in March before I somersault.

Great news and a very Merry Christmas to you too and everyone else who reads this.

Let's make the first day of 2017 the healthiest throughout, for all of us for the rest of our lives. If you know what I mean which means my life begins at 59 !?

Best wishes to all


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Janey_H in reply to hedgehoggy

Yes, here's to a healthy 2017..... to us all! Great your scans are going well too - will keep fingers crossed for the March one.

Have a fab Christmas xxx

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Jaynair in reply to hedgehoggy

That's great that your results are so good Hoggy, hope it continues for you in March too :)

Echoing your thoughts and wishes for a healthy 2017 for us all xx

Janey that's fantastic news & what an inspiration you are to be running marathons & enjoying your precious life. Long may it continue!

Merry Christmas 🎅

Jo x

Janey, congratulations that is so inspiring. I use to run two or three times a week but stopped a couple of years ago, then dx with lung cancer. I have recently had a lobectomy and am still recovering but would really like to get fit and healthy and start running again. Any tips?

Wishing you all the best, you have inspired me definitely!

Diana x

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Janey_H in reply to DianaA

Hi Diana

Thanks very much for the message and well done to you too. Did you have a thoracotomy? I was lucky that they did my surgery via VATS so my recovery was quite quick.

I would recommend to take things slowly and maybe join up with others. I am still part of the running club and through that met some girls who are happy to run at my slower pace! I wouldn't rush to get back to running straight away but maybe do some walking and put some jogging in amongst it if you feel strong enough. I know, for me, wearing a sports bra comfortably took a while after the surgery.

Good luck and I am sure you will get back to running - listen to your body and don't overdo it. We have dogs so they are a good excuse to get out for a run!


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DianaA in reply to Janey_H

Hi, yes I did have the thoracotomy, recovery was so quick the first few days but I'm four weeks in now, still taking lots of pain relief and sleeping lots! I want to be running around and jumping for joy but my body isn't up for that just yet!

Seeing my radiation oncologist later today so will ask her when I can expect to feel like my old self body wise.

Best wishes everyone

Diana x

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Janey_H in reply to DianaA

Hope your appointment goes well this afternoon. Fingers crossed that you will be back to your old self soon. Is frustrating when your head is more active than your body is able to be. You have had a big op though and it takes time to recover - but keep positive.

Have a lovely Christmas and wishing you good health in 2017 xxx

What great news and congratulations, you are doing really well with your running well done, I had my right upper lung removed Feb 2015 and my left upper lobe removed Sep 2015, I go for my second scan tomorrow ( yes Sunday) at 9 am hope I get as good results as you, stay well.

wishing you and everyone a lovely Christmas and a healthy new year.

Margaret xx

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Janey_H in reply to littlenanny

Hi Margaret

Thanks very much - wishing you all the best for your scans tomorrow. Will keep my fingers crossed for good results for you.

Best wishes

J xx

Hi Janey

You must be happy, hopefully all future scan will be clear.


That's brilliant news and very positive ,good luck with future scans .


Thanks very much everyone. Wishing you all a good Christmas and New Year and hope for good health in 2017 xxx

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