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Good News from Bonnie Scotland.

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In Scotland following radical treatments,lung cancer patients are followed up by 6 monthly checkups for five years,this morning was my last check up,my daughter and her boyfriend came along to the hospital with me.If I was NED,they were going to treat me to a lunch(well hopefully,they would treat me anyway if it gone the other way LOL).Having been checked out,the senior oncologist said Eric we do have some complete successes,in your case I am confident in using the word cured,now go away I dont expect to see you again,we shook hands and parted.I did share a celebratory lunch with Jennifer and Chris.

I just wanted to share this with you guys,I always appreciated hearing about someones success,it always gave me a lift,I hope this has something positive to say to you.

Best Wishes,

Eric Byrne.

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Congratulations Eric.

It is a magical feeling to hear the other C word ''Cured''. I am 2 years in but have a belief that I'm also cured.

So in true Star Trek tradition,

Live long and prosper.

Well done Rab

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ericbyrne in reply to

Hi Rabbie,

Thank you for your reply,good for you,heres to you also being cured.PS I also happen to be a Trekkie.

Best Wishes,


That's excellent news Eric. Delighted to hear it. Now, just catch up with me. :-)

Best wishes, Bill & Gwen.

Bill,you have always been my inspiration,my pathfinder,I am following in your footsteps,so keep on going for years to come.

Best Wishes,


Hello Eric, we haven't spoken before, but I have read your posts. Congratulations to you, and yes it is great to hear some good news. Enjoy your retirement and family, best wishes to you.


Wow that is amazing congratulations to you ! My mum has stage 4 lung cancer and wasn't expected to live longer than 6 weeks in the summer she is now exercising twice a week whilest having chemo and running round after everyone. Her friends ask to visit but she always says call first as I might be out we can't keep up with her! Lovely to hear such good news and I wish you and your family well.

Best wishes

Ali x

What wonderful news Eric. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is always so lovely to hear good, positive news.

Love and best wishes to you and your family.

Sandra x

That's fantastic news Eric, I wish you a long long healthy life.


Hi Eric,

What fantastic news, I am so pleased for you. It is great to hear such positive news

Sue xx

What fantastic news. I hope I get the same one day! I had my 2nd clear scan yesterday, although mine are 3 monthly as I had a small local recurrence last year. Going to 6 monthly soon and then hopefully one day I'll be celebrating properly too! Great to hear, I love the positive stories

Caroline x

Hi Eric....That is wonderful news....thanks for sharing and enjoy every day xx

Fantastic news Eric.

All the best, Beth, on behalf of Information and support.

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