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updates on my husband


well last few weeks have been very stressful,husband came home from his stay in hospital where he had a surgical lung biosy done,came home with a chest drain in,then two weeks ago he had a fit,he has never had one before, very scarey had a over night stay in hospital they dont know what caused it,thought t could be somthing to do with the infection that he had in his lung(they took a litre of puss off when he had his surgery although they dident know he had an infection till he was having his surgery,went back to clinic last week to see if he could have the drain took out,unfortunatley he couldent back to clinic this week to check again also told we would see the surgeon for the biopsy results,went back on monday only to be told that his consultant dident have a clinic on that day,my husband was told he would have to have another c,t scan done this coming monday and an appointment would be made to see the surgeon,just got the appointment through for 18th march another 3 weeks,

i phoned the thoracic department and explained we wanted to know what was going on ,we have been on this road for almost 6 months all tests and scans coming back inconclusive, i spoke to a specialist nurse who told me that there was no cancer cells in the plura fluid that had been taken,this we knew has the surgeon had come to see my husband when he was o the ward,she said the tumour on his lung was probably the infection,although he has had a ebus and bronchoscopy done and nothing was said about infection then have managed to get the appointment brought forward to a week on friday,

hopfully we will get some answers that we so desperatley need,my husband is still on his antibiotics and his infection markers are on the way down so some good news,sorry to go on but had to get it off my chest, wondered if any one else had been given the run around,

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Hello Sue,

It is good to hear that your husband is responding to his antibiotics.Hopefully by the time you have the appointment with the surgeon on 4th March he will have the results of next weeks CT scan. It might be a good idea to write down any questions or concerns that you have to ask to the consultant when you speak to him.If we can be of any help please contact Information and Support Services 0333 323 7200 (option 2).

Kind regards,

Sue demand answers, should take only a couple days for results If Dr not in to give them to ypu, ask if there someone else that can and then meet with Dr with a plan...ask questions.

Good luck. M M

sue2428 in reply to merilee

thanks for your reply merilee saw the surgeon on friday, he said may have to do a bronchoscopy,although when pointed out that this procedure had already been done he apolagised saying he hadent realised he had already had this done, the ironic thing is he is the one who did it.said he will get the biopsys looked at again and ring my husband on thursday,i am getting in touch with pals to-morrow to see if they can give us any help with this. my husband as been having all diferent procedures since november, just keep getting the same answers might do chemo or radium , or operate we are slowly running out of patience now the only bit of good news we have had is the tumour hasent got any bigger will keep you posted


So sorry it is so very difficult to get any diagnosis of this type to begin with,then having to wait is unacceptable. If your husband already had a bronchialscopy done the results should take no more than a few days at most. For me I had one done and the biopsy is done then to test the sample to check for cancer. Then there will be a Pet Scan which will show where and if there is any spread..mine was caught early tumor removed in wedge resection, staged at 2A due to lymph node positive...I didn't have to wait to long really they did a lung biopsy, surgery within a month..I just think Dr s need to move on things so you and your husband have some idea of what's going on...really not fair. I am glad somebody else maybe able to get this going for you..Or another Dr..especially if the Dr didn't even remember doing the procedure Very scary..I live in US in Wisconsin I forgot where you are from...Stay strong and good luck to you..keep posted

.. M M

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