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Does anyone have any experience of lung draining?

Several months ago I had an operation to insert a lung drain into my chest cavity as my lung kept filling with fluid. I have been draining this fluid every other day for the last 6 months and the fluid has always been a 'mustard' colour. However, the last few times we have drained the lung the fluid starts off being 'mustard' in colour and then the fluid turns red in colour and looks like blood. Over the last few weeks the area where the drain is inserted into my chest has been hurting. I put this pain down to weight loss as I have suddenly lost nearly two stone. I have put a call into the surgeon and am waiting for her reply, but wondered if anybody else had come across this.

Regards x

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Hi Tallulah, sorry I don't have any knowledge about chest drains but wondered how you are doing with the Abraxane treatment and hope the side effects are minimal. Big positive hugs Moni x


Sorry Lulla, I wish I could help, but don't know anything about it. Hope you get it sorted out quickly. xx


Hi Lulla

Yes I had 2 chest drains put in after my op to keep it clear of fluid etc. The mustard colour is I think the inside of the body - fluids etc and the red is blood of course. I remember I had a very sharp pain at one stage with them in when I leant over and then it was gone. I had to carry my chest drains around the ward and wherever I went keeping them at low level which I am sure you must have been told to do if you are in the same situation otherwise I think the fluids return if not kept low to drain. I had them removed (that was quite an experience) when I think there was no more blood. I think you have a certain amount of fluid anyway and then it is up to the surgeon to say when they are removed if he is happy. If you have any other questions, please contact me.

Wish you well



Hi Lulla,

I would recommend that you call your lung cancer nurse specialist.

Even if s/he is not available to take your call as you make it, they will respond as soon as they are able.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of Information and support.


Thank you all for your replies. I have an appointment with the oncologist Wednesday when I also have my 3rd round of Abraxane Chemo and seeing the surgeon on Thursday. Fingers crossed its just a small blip and isn't of any real concern.


hope your are ok, you have not posted anything for a while just to let you know we are thinking of you sending our love to you and your family


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