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Has anyone else had problems with a chest drain?


I had a pluerodesis operation at christmas that proved unsuccessful, which led to a catheter drain being fitting in April and a weeks stay in hospital. Unfortunately during the operation air got into the lung and the lung refused to inflate. I was then unable to have a normal drain fitted that was to be emptied every other day and had to have a 'handbag' chest catheter drain fitted. This has now started leaking and I am due to go into hospital tomorrow to have another operation to reposition the drain.

Has anybody else had this problem? My body has become immune to chemotherapy allowing two new tumours to grown. The oncologist is very keen to start a new round of different chemo to see if this can help but we are unable to do this until the drain is sorted. Any positive news would be helpful x

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HI Lulla,

I just saw your comment on Bill's blog and wondered how you were doing, but now I see your comment as well.

Sorry I can't give you any advice with the drain thing as it's not something I'm familiar with, but hopefully if they can get it sorted you can then get on to your new treatment.

I know it's hard right now but try to be positive that the new treatment is going to help

Sending you a big hug

Sue x

Hi Lulla

I am sure they will sort out the chest drain problem, so try not to worry and then you can commence your new treatment. The lung is surrounded by two layers of tissue known as pleura and normally it is between these two layers that the drain tube is positioned. In normal healthy lungs there should be no air or fluid between these layers of tissue but with people like us this isn't always the case. They do just need to reposition in a better spot as they say and the air can be emptied out along with the fluid. Hope all goes well

love Ann

Hello Lulla,

So sorry your are having all this trouble.

Mine has gone OK however, dir to the tumour I was warend by the surgeon that he could forsee difficulty he had two goes and the second one was successful. II hope they will be able to relocate yours.

With much love



Thank you Sue and Ann, I am at the hospital now waiting for the procedure. It seems so unbelievable that after so much fight and pain & side effects last year I am now in a worse position that when I was diagnosed. I am trying to keep positive but as you are more than aware its terribly hard x

YorkiieJo123 in reply to Hidden

To date my drain has been successful so I really feel for you. I hope thier next attampt will be successful. Please try to keep positive.


Hi Lulla, no wonder you are down, you have been through so much but you are still fighting on and haven't given up that shows how strong a person you are. i hope they have managed to sort your drain for you and you are getting stronger each day. I hope its not too long before the doctors start your new treatment and I hope you have a brighter days to come-I think you are inspirational xx

Hi Lulla, have just joined this site and saw your comments, hope all went well with the drain. I know what you mean when you say you have suffered so much in the past and now feel worse. Sending big hugs. Monica x

Hi Lulla

was thinking about you today, hope the drain is now doing it's job. I know it is hard to be positive all the time, we are only human, but I really do believe positive thoughts can help the body cope and sometimes heal. You sound like a strong person and I know sometimes it is hard to let your guard down for people to perhaps see the 'human you'. But we all need our moments to perhaps cry or tell people we are really peed... off at the crap life has thrown at us. Don't be afraid to do that, have a good winge and moan or scream then dust yourself off and get on with tomorrow for the people that love you

take care

love Ann

Hi Tahlullah,

I have just read your May post and wonder how you are? I am in New Zealand but in similar circumstances to you - I am on Iressa and also have a collapsed lung with an indwelling pleural catheter which has now been in place for 10 months. It is a Rocket brand IPC from the UK. I have a hydro-pneumothorax as well (probably the air got in as a result of an injury during the initial emergency fluid drain). My drain has generally been really good and not had problems with both the air and fluid. I even had a period of about 3 months where I was not producing any fluid which was great. I have been having problems with pain now for the past 3 or so weeks that seems to be related to the catheter - my onc would like to take it out but I still need a method of dealing with the fluid so we are looking at what options there are. It may be that it requires repositioning which I saw you mentioned.

Did you have your drain repositioned? How did it go and how are you now? I can totally relate to the feelings of the difficulties of staying positive at times - it sometimes feels like its an exhausting battle with no winners in sight doesn't it? That is when we have to dig deep and find that hope and faith to keep on going and lean on others as well.

I hope that things are more positive for you right now. If you are able to share any info with me about your drain I would appreciate it.

Keep believing


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