Re Iressa/Gefitinib. I was diagnosed as stage 4 nsclc with pleural effusion in January 2014.Tested egfr positive following a talc pleurodosis. Have been on Iressa since then with remarkable results - one scan not even being able to spot the primary! However, have had a chest infection (klebsiella pneumonia) since October and two weeks ago a scan showed numerous blood clots in both lungs and enlargement in lymph nodes and primary tendrils - now on Fragmin injections. My oncologist feels both of these problems point to Iressa no longer working. Waiting on more tests and another scan. Has anyone else been in this position and what alternatives were offered? Thank you in advance for any information. Regards Diz xx

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  • My Wife had progression seven months on Iressa. Histopatholgy of Her resected lung primary showed t790m mutations. She's now respondin well to Tagrisso.

    It's in the protocol of Iressa/tarceva treatment that when progression occurs to biopsy for new mutations and move on to a second or third generation drugs.

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  • Thanks very much for your reply Peter - will explore that one ,as I haven't heard of it as yet. Diz x

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