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I have been taking Iressa for 2 months, since then i am taking antibiotics for the second time, because of my skin condition. I have akmi, and my chest and upper part of my back and of course my face and neck are full. the rest of my skin is very dry and flakey,in several parts, i also itch like hell, no matter what my dermatologist gives me, it doesnt seem to help enough, please, if someone of you can give me informations of some kind of treatment, i would really be thankfull

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Dear Kaitoula

I also had quite bad facial and back acne for a while but it has now spontaneously cleared up after approximately 8 months so do not despair your acne may not be a permanent feature. Unfortunately nothing really helped at the time except some hydrocortisone cream but they don't like you to use this on your face as I believe it can alter the skin pigmentation. I did use it occasionally on my face but very sparingly and never more than 2 days in a row before a rest of about a week. I also developed a wet rash in my hairline but fucibet cream cleared this up within a week. The only other thing I can tell you is that a good moisturiser does help. I religiously apply this to my face stomach arms neck and legs every day as you can also get some spots on the arms and legs and stomach. I use Boots No 7 but a different one may suit you. When I had the bad facial acne I did use L'Oriel BB hide a blemish stick and a thin coating of Clinique foundation I found these the best for me and people really could hardly tell that my skin was so bad. Hope all this helps


Dear Joewarren

Thank you so much for answering my question, i will try and find Boot No 7, since i am in Greece and i dont know if i can.

Yesterday, i bought, some products Kryolan, the camouflage system,, to cover my acne,so i can finally go out, without feeling bad about my face.

From what i understand i still have a long way to go.

I hope Iressa helps me,how are you doing, i am still very new in this situation, and i havent even had my scan, to see any results yet.

Please forgive my spelling mistakes, i dont use English much .

Have a nice weekend


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Joewarren in reply to kaitoula

Hi Kaitoula

I have been on Irressa for 11 months and probably had the acne for about 8 on my face. Boots is a large chain store in Britain but am sure you will find their lines of No 7 products on the internet I used serum and then intense moisturiser. But do try other moisturisers first both day and night they may work just as well. Sounds odd to say moisturise cause the acne is usually caused by too much oil but Iressa causes a dry acne. I would definitely recommend the Clinique foundation though applied sparingly by brush. Again you may have to go on line, not cheep but one bottle will last 6-9 months. I used to put a small blob on my hand then pick it up with the brush to put on my face, only a thin coat is needed. I would suggest a good 'hide a blemish' spot stick on the area first though. Look at me I sound like a professional, I never wore make up before I always had such clear skin. But I can tell you with practise people didn't even know I had acne or was wearing foundation cream and 11 months on I don't have to again so do persevere.

love Joe


I too had acne for about 6 weeks after starting on Iressa but like Joe it cleared up on its own. I also got dry skin for which I found E45 Intense very good. Other than that I didn't really have any side effects and was able to carry on as normal.

My first X ray showed a really good shrinkage so I hope it works as well for you.


Hi kaitoula, it seams we all go through this when we take Iressa. Mine wasn't too bad but it comes and goes from my face I have only two spots at the moment. It's all over my arms, legs torso but I use E45 cream not the lotion. This helps. Hope you can get this as it is very good! Good luck!

Georgie xx

Hello Georgie 1

I will buy the cream today, i can find it here, and i hope it will help me. I was thinking since summer is coming to start swimming soon, i think sea water, will do me good. Of course no sun, it kills me ha ha !!!

Take care




Hi i too itch like mad.. i have just started to use e45 anti itch cream.. it seems to work for about three hours

Hi i too itch like mad.. i have just started to use e45 anti itch cream.. it seems to work for about three hours

Hi i too itch like mad.. i have just started to use e45 anti itch cream.. it seems to work for about three hours

Hi Kaitoula

I too am new to Iressa, this is my third week and main symptoms are the acne on nose,,and around my mouth. Recently, very dry, itchy, flaky skin on my hands and toes. I saw an oncologist today who prescribed me an assortment of creams/pills to deal with current symtoms + ones that I may suffer with. An interesting point the Oncologist made was to go on Amazon and buy tub/tube of Udderly Smooth cream + Urea.....that appears to work for the 'hand' symptoms. Unfortunately unable to get on prescription at the moment.

I intend to purchase a tube (cost about £7.00 + P&P)

After looking it up on internet it appears other cancer patients have used it....fingers crossed it works.

Thought to share info to fellow friends on Iressa....will let you know how it goes for me and if it works I can pass info to others, with a honest review

Take care

Karen x

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