Personal achievement

Personal achievement

Hi all

I just wanted to share a personal achievement with you all.

Yesterday, I completed Snowdonia marathon with my husband in just over 6 hours!! It is billed as one of the UKs toughest road marathons and I had done it three times before. However, last year I had to cancel my place as I had been diagnosed with Stage IIIB NSLSC and had just finished my chemotherapy and was about to start radiotherapy. I then had a right upper lobectomy in June this year.... And took up a place for the marathon!!

I hadn't done much training as it is only just over four months since the surgery - but I had had a clear scan in September and felt that by taking up a place this year it would put the past year behind me. It was a great achievement for me to make it to the start line (as some medics had suggested I may not be here at this point this year). It was an even bigger achievement for me to cross the finish line with my husband who has been with me every step of the way (literally yesterday!).

I know some people reading this will be going through a tough time at the moment and I post this really to give people some hope that you can still get out and about after a diagnosis of lung cancer. I don't know how long things will stay good for me - but I will take the good times whilst I can. Attached below a pic of us both at the finish line!

Janey xx

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  • Fantastic achievment Janey ! Such a short time after your surgery too ! Youre such an inspiration to us all, enjoy a nice long rest now.

    Take care

    Julie x

  • Well done Janey, and as Julie says such a short time after surgery you must be so proud of yourself, your hubby must be so proud of you also, and what a nice picture of you both, deserves to be in a nice frame.

    Take care

    Margaret x

  • Hi Janey,Thank you for sharing your success,what an achievement,I am so pleased for you.Now look what you have done,you have got me off my couch and off to the gym,if you can do it,well,no more excuses from me LOL.

  • Ha ha - sorry!! Hope all goes well at the gym and well done!!

    Best wishes

    Janey x

  • Well done.


  • You should be so proud,I hope you have recovered.Well done.

  • Congratulations and well done. That's great news xx

  • you are truly inspirational. let me tell my wife about your achievement. she may be persuaded to resume her marathon racing after her brain surgery last month.

  • Hi

    Thank you! I hope that your wife's recovery is going well and that she is able to get back to running again.


  • Just wow, really well done.

    I'm also on the C25k forum and know that folk there would be super impressed with your fantastic achievement.

    All things crossed for continued good health xx

  • Thanks very much xx

  • Really inspring. Thank you for sharing. Must have felt amazing to finish...hope you enjoyed the views. All the best to you Janey.

    Katherine x

  • Thanks Katherine - yes, the views were spectacular and it was actually a good thing that I went slowly as the weather cheered up! If I had been one of the front runners I would have been in the rain all the way around! Benefit to taking my time!! Crossing the finish line was brilliant - just really pleased to have achieved it and our local running club (many of whom had run it) all came out to cheer us in!

    Janey x

  • What an achievement ,that gives us all hope. I am not a runner but I have picked up on some exercise .I managed to walk 9 miles of Lanzarote on a hot day last week and walk up to a lesser volcano in Playa Blanco .Both these things I didn't think I would achieve but I did .I had an upper lobectomy in march 2015 followed by chemo .Life doesn't stop because of lung cancer it just has to be readjusted. Well done you must feel a great sense of achievement .

  • Well done - that is great!! At least Snowdon had no chance of hot weather!! It sounds like you are doing really well and I agree with your outlook. We just have to get on with life and meet whatever comes along as and when. I am sure keeping fit and as healthy as possible can only be a good thing. Long may it continue. Good luck to you xx

  • Wow just read your post. Well done and I hope you have a good, long period of health and happiness with your husband.

    Take care.

    Huge hugs

    Elaine xx

  • Very well done Janey, you should be so proud. I didn't think anything so strenuous would be achievable after the surgery you have had so I am really pleased for you.


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