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Squamous NSCLC survivors without surgery

Hi everyone, I come here just searching for some hope in the squamous type lung cancer. Has any of you been considered stable or in remission for many time? My mother was diagnosed almost 3 and a half years ago and she' s been stable since nov '13. We are going to the doc this week for the results of last scan and I am scared, this thing inside of me never goes away...

She has undergone through chemo and radiotherapy in the first line, and one year later she began with the Docetaxel. It was at the begining of november '13 and I' d like to know if it can stay stable for much time.

I' ll truly appreciatte your stories.

Take care and my best wishes to all of you!

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Great news so far David and hopefully you will get good news from the scan. I don't think anyone can answer your question about how long she can stay stable for. Has she had no treatment since the docetaxel or do you mean she has been on docetaxel since November 2013....which would be fairly amazing!

Best wishes



Hi David,Just to add to Julies comment above,I was dxd with with NSCLC squamous in Oct 2008.There was some local spread to the lympth system,following my last treatment in Jan 2009 I have returned to a full active life,enjoying every minute of it.The fear of return naturally is there at the back of my mind,but it has diminished over the years until it is hardly noticeable today.

Please pass on to your mother my best wishes.


Thats great . Did you have surgery? Sounds like your doing very well.😊



Hi think positive my dad has been in remission since September znd touch wood doing great his back at work and everything is fine like he never had lung cancer. At the time he was stage 4. They said he wouldn't reach remission. Haha his won. Good luck to your mum.


Thats great news my dad was diagnosed a year ago said he had average of year to live how scary is that - its been a year and trumour has shrunk by half and stayed that way but today on the scan it showed change lots of white shadowing around the mass spread out - doctor said she doesnt know if cancer or infection and needs a pet scan - dad is very down.



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