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Nsclc immunotherapy

Hi there

My mum in law was diagnosed last June 2016 she has had several chemotherapy sessions the tumour and lymph nodes had shrunk. she has a well derversed break from chemo as the symptoms where pretty bad. Since then her last scan has shown that the tumour and lymph nodes have grown. She is about to start immunotherapy next week I was wondering if anyone else has it it and what where the results.

Thank you in advance


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Hi Tcam,

I have attached a link to cancer research UK discussing immunotherapy.

There is also some information on the Roy Castle website

Please don't hesitate to contact the Nurse led Helpline Freephone 08003587200 if you need to talk to someone: Freephone 0800 358 7200


Thank you.


Hi there, I was having immunotherapy called nivolumab, I had it every two weeks. It's nowhere near as harsh as Chemo, I had it for 12 months , although cancer never shrank in never grew either and I felt very well. Unfortunately I'm now off of this drug as I had high liver enzymes which took me out of criteria. So back to Chemo for me.

I would say definitely give it a go. All the best, Clair


Hi there

Thank you for your reply.

I'm so glad you had a year of feeling well that's great to know. 😃

Sorry you've had to stop and regarding your liver I hope this hasn't caused you too much pain.

Would you mind me asking your stage? My mum in law is 3b.

Sending positive thoughts for your next journey.

Many thanks



Hi, I'm stage 4 and inoperable but have stayed very well, I had no noticeable liver problems, it just showed up on blood test. Stay positive a lot of people have shown great results. All the best


Thank you again. Fingers crossed 🤞



Hi there

How are you getting on?

My mum in law been told today after 4 immunotherapy that the tumour has grown I think 8cm but hasn't spread but as it hasn't got smaller they are saying no more. Waiting for radiologist to see if they can do anything. Feeling a little that's it now! 😔


Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear that treatment is stopping so early . Hopefully they will put another plan in place, is mum in law feeling welll?i was kept on it even with a small amount of growth, are you sure it's 8cm and not millimetres? I stopped treatment in may and have had no growth since. Hopefully this will happen for you mum in law.

I'm doing fine at the moment I haven't started any new treatment yet as scan has shown no growth. No one seems to no why it seems stable at the moment but think the immunotherapy may have something to do with it. I'm having two monthly scans at the moment to keep an eye on it. My cancer did grow slightly while on nivolumab but seems to have stopped for the time being.

Sendin best wishes, Clair.x


Hi clair

I'm so pleased your well and no growth is brilliant news 😊

Yes tumour is approx 8cm pretty big I know! Her cough is horrendous 😞 Other than that she seems pretty well.

Slight concerns be memory hasn't been great but may just be a lot going on.

Waiting to here from radiologist hopefully Monday.

Thanks for chatting.

Toni 🍀


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