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Travel and Car Insurance

I read differing reports on getting travel insurance and whether or not you should tell them insurance companies even though your not asking to be insured for the cancer. Far too expensive apparently. But is it necessary to tell your car insurance about the cancer. I am now waiting on a blue disability badge to arrive but do not know if this affects my insurance. Walking any distance is my problem at the moment and it doesn't affect my ability to drive.

What do other people do?

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Hi Jeanne, I am off to Spain shortly and the quote to cover me with my cancer was £3000. I got a quote to cover me and my wife excluding any cancer problems and paid £63. This was through J D Insurance.

With regard to car insurance.

If you have cancer and you have a car or motorcycle licence you only need to tell the DVLA if

you develop problems with the brain or nervous system

your doctor expresses concerns about your fitness to drive

you're restricted to certain types of vehicles or vehicles that have been adapted for you

your medication causes side effects likely to affect safe driving

Stay Well



Thanks Rabbie, I eventually managed to find out some information on the government website and as you have said I do not need to tell the DVLA.

Did you tell the insurance that you had cancer but were not asking to be covered for it or did you just not tell them?

Thanks I am doing really well at the moment.



I have been insured through euro tunnel the last twice I have gone on holiday once to ~Tunisia and once to sharm el sheikh. Normal rates. Only stipulations that you wont expect to need medical treatment and no one travelling is terminal.

My car insurance hasn't been affected just I get the free car tax now alongside my PIP! A bonus!

Best wishes. Julie


I told the insurance company to get me quotes for cover with and without the cancer included. I have also taken out 2 weeks Swiss Assist for 30 euros.



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