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Travel insurance logic

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In April I went to Spain for a short holiday.

I used Insurewith travel insurance then and was pleased. I had an excess of £300 on top of policy. With my wife we had joint cover of £159.

This was really pleasing. Last week I was told by my consultant that the lung cancer was in remission? Excellent news for us. We happen to be going to northern Spain again for a short trip so contacted Insurewith and with no changes apart from being in remission they quoted excess of £700 and policy for us both for £340. Again only for twelve days holiday.

I had my 71st birthday in May surely that's not the reason for such a hike?

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Have you asked the company why this is?

I have attached a link to our information booklet Travelling and going on holiday

In page 32 there is a list of some specialist brokers and insurance companies that havebeen recommended to us by supporters and visitors to our website. I hope you both have a very nice holiday.

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

Yes the person checked with her supervisor and confirmed amount was correct .


Happy to hear that cancer is in remission.

Yes, cost of insurance probably is due to age. My husband is now 80 goes to the Gym three times a week - and it is almost impossible to get travel insurance at a reasonable price that does not have exclusions. Good Luck.

Just had a quote for Travel Insurance from Stay Sure and they have sent this(see below)

A few weeks ago, you got a quote for our award-winning travel insurance, but didn’t take out a policy with us. Now, we’d like to send you on your way with an added spring in your step by still offering 15% off‡ your fully personalised policy. That makes it even easier to take our award-winning cover with you, wherever you choose to go.

Call our friendly UK-based team FREE today on 0800 054 2268 and they’ll be delighted to sort everything for you, as fast and effortlessly as possible. Also, why not take a look at the short film below to see how we treat our customers when they need us!

Maybe able to help?? Worth a try.

We didn't travel for 6 years after my lobectomy as I found premiums extortionate then our first trip was to Greece in 2016 where I found a very reasonable premium. Since then we've travelled extensively for work and pleasure - Spain is often higher than elsewhere in Europe and in some companies is even in a different category of Europe as they mainly use private hospitals in an emergency setting. I've not been able to get an annual policy so even when travelling to conferences in Europe (around 3-4 days) end up paying £70 or so for those. I've just been offered and taken up an annual policy with Saga (who I used on a couple of occasions in recent years but on other routes including Spain were higher cost) and they have changed their cancer question from 'have you ever had a cancer diagnosis?' to 'in the last 5 years have you had a diagnosis or treatment for cancer'? I called the company to check this was correct and they said they take the view that if it's more than 5 years, the risk is no greater in the rest of their insured population (over 50s) so having looked through the small print, I took out the policy. I've shopped around a lot in recent years and found the website 'payingtoomuch' andMedical Travelcompared useful places that specialise in those with pre-existing conditions. I've used Get Going, Cloud Cover, Saga, Staysure. I know Insure with and Insurance with both get good reviews.

Age, destination and declarations on health all impact the premium.

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