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Travel Insurance

Hi I am off to sharm el sheikh on Tuesday and decided to try for travel insurance one last time. Last year I went without insurance because every company I phoned refused me because I see an oncologist every 28 days. I am on Tarceva and Xgeva injections. I did get an online quote of 1,700. I phoned Euro Tunnel insurance and they agreed to insure me and my husband and cover pre existing conditions for £46 for both of us for two weeks. These are the only medical related questions.

That your doctor can confirm that at the time of booking the holiday or buying insurance(whichever is later)

You were fit to travel

Your medical condition(s) were stable and there was no sign they would get worse

You had not been diagnosed or suffering from a terminal illness

You did not know that you would need medical treatment or consultation at any medical facility during your journey

That's it! Well I said I am incurable but not terminal and they agreed to insure me. No doubt hairs will be split if I have to claim, but I will let the experts argue that one out if necessary! At least I have cover. Best wishes. Julie

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Very intrested in your comments about holiday insurance. When I was first diagnosed with lung cancer it was only a few weeks after spending five weeks backpacking and camping in N.Z. It is the drugs and treatment that make me feel poorly at times. Not the illness as when I feel okay. I rush about like I used to. So I tried to get insurance after having cancer for a year and had the same problems as you. Phone more than 12 companys all specialising in insurance for cancer patients and got the same reply. I would need to have had lung cancer over two years before I could be considered. Only one company gave me a quote and it was £2680 for 14 days. I will say everybody I spoke to on the phone was very understanding but could not help. One said that any mention of lung cancer however minor had been flagged up as a no cover to be concidered. So no holiday abroad. Will look into Euro Tunnel as may try to go to France this year.

Have a lovely holiday. How I envy you as the weather outside is so cold.


For France or anywhere in the EU you can take a European health card. It doesn't repatriate you and that's what costs a fortune. There is a firm called Swiss Assist that will repatriate you if necessary. You can get cover for about 90 euros which lasts three months. Julie


Already got the European health card, thanks for the info on insurance. Luckly I shall be staying with freinds so hope I have got it all covered.


I cannot find a link for the company you used jujuju can you pin point me please as that seams good. I too getting silly prices and im off to eygpt in 5 weeks. Had cancer but had op to remove doc says i fine to fly no problems


Here is the link for euro tunnel insurance . And this is the link for Swiss Assist (repatriation)


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