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Realistic Travel Insurance

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I was diagnosed with nsc lung cancer in March 17 ,completed chemo /radiotherapy May17 so fairly new diagnosis. Consultant happy for me to travel abroad for a week in Oct 17..I tried various insurance web sites some wanted £1000 + .Found web site £48 for me and hubby.Much more detailed application too. So don't get ripped off try these guys first.

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Thank you Elaine. Just what I have been searching for. :)

I have used this company, after I had been operated on for lung cancer, they ask for more details than others so able to offer a more reasonable quote.

I have also used this company after trying many others who say they offer insurance cover for cancer etc, some would not even consider giving a quote other gave quotes at a very high price. I did have a excess on my policy but the insurance was reasonable and I managed to have a holiday abroad.

We used them as well. Stage 3b NSCLC. We had to claim on the insurance after needing to cancel at last minute due to my father having a serious fall. They paid the claim in full with no quibbles and were really helpful.

Was ironic as had spent so much time thinking we would cancel due to me if anything - hadn't really looked closely at policy for other family members!!

Enjoy your hols x


I too went with this insurance company above far by the cheapest I found

I'm only holidaying in the uk so I only wanted a cancellation charge in case I couldn't go at the minute after paying balance of holiday

Cheapest quote before this one was £480 insuredwith cost me £11


Hello 2017ELAINEH,

the cost of travel insurance really does vary greatly and I am very pleased to hear that you have managed to get such a reasonable quote. Roy Castle lung cancer foundation has produced a booklet Travelling, going on holiday and lung cancer, this provides a wealth of useful information including advice on travel insurance, i have added a link below

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our nurse led helpline number on freephone 08800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

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