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travel insurance

Hi - I wonder if any of you can tell if you found it easy to get travel insurance with stage iv lung cancer. We would like to go on holiday somewhere warm while my husband is still relatively well. But not sure how expensive it will all work out with travel insurance. We also have to board 3 dogs as noone to look after them...anyone got reasonable insurance...did you need to get a letter from your consultant.

any advice gratefully received.



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We had been advised to use MIA travel insurance. We enquired with mcmillian and they gave us a list if places to avoid because of poor health care and a list of insurance companies. I hope u get sorted out and have a fab time xxx


Thanks, will check them out

Cath x


Hi Cath, my farther has stage iv NSCLC and he came with us to Portugal last aug. We found that even though certain insurance companies say they will provide cover to cancer patients it doesn't always work out. We were unable to get dad insured so we took 2 credit cards with us that had about £6000 available to spend , I then went to Swiss Assist who are a company that will repatriate a person who is ill that has been admitted to a hospital whilst on holiday for 3 days or more. They operate small jets and have a medical team that would fly on board. They offer different lengths of cover depending how long you are away for . We bought the 3 month cover about euro 90 ... Incase dad was hospitalised for a few weeks before he could be flown home. Their website is . They only cover Europe mind ... Worth you looking at their website.

Hope you get sorted and thoughly enjoy your holiday together.

Sarah x


Thanks for recommending those companies. Gives me some placement check out. I'm guessing we will need a doctor's letter either way. My husband is relatively well, considering his diagnosis but needs to get his hip checked out first. I know some people just go away and hope for the best. As we are pretty much alone with no one to help if we need it I'm not taking that chance...

Thanks once again for the info

Kind regards

Cath x


Hi Cath,

We also have a list of possible insurance company's.

Please follow the link below.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.


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