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Hi all its been a while since iv been on here and a lot has happened!!! Dad went through 3 cycles of chemotherapy which we found out had massively shrunk his tumor, he then had 12 shots of radiotherapy and just had results of llatest scan which shows no regrowth or signs of any spread! Fantastic, dads cancer is now being stable! So anyway the consultant has given the go ahead for dad to go on holiday with all our family, however having trouble getting an insurance company to cover him, has anyone found a company that will cover someone with lung cancer???

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • Try a company called Insurancewith

    Very helpful in my case


  • I was going to suggest the same - Insurancewith. Hope you get cover and have a good holiday xx

  • We used a company called worldfirst.

  • Try "All Clear" Insurance, we have found them very useful in the past and the Carer accompanying gets their insurance free if they have no medical problems x

  • I used euro tunnel but they only insure for EU countries i pd £20, good luck x

  • There is a factsheet regarding travel insurance on the Roy Castle website Yvonne.Hope you have a well earned holiday.

    Kind regards,

    Roy Castle Helpline Team

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