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Travel Insurance

I was diagnosed with nsclc stage 4 in November 2013. We have tried to get travel insurance since then to travel abroad but the quotes have been very high and also included doctors letters etc. Initially when I was diagnosed I was told that I had on average ten months to live. An ALK mutation was found and I am now on targeted treatment.

We are going on holiday to Vienna tomorrow for 7 days. The travel agent that we booked the holiday with recommended MIA travel insurance tel no 0800 999 3333. I phoned them and provided them with all the above information. They have agreed to provide insurance for the trip at a cost of £150. The only condition was that on my and on my partners medical records the doctor writes that we are medically fit to travel and to go on holiday.

If you are looking for travel insurance it maybe worth trying them for a quote or looking at their website.

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Mia are good, and we're the only people to give me a reasonable quote. I decided not to take out travel insurance whilst in EU countries and rely on the E111 reciprocal agreement card and SwissAssist who will fly you home by private jet with Drs and nurses should the need arise. This cost £60 pa. it applies if you have a prognosis of 3 or more days in hospital.

This may be useful to others.

Have a great trip!



Thanks for your reply. If I hadn't got insurance I had planned to do the same as you. European healthcare and swissaid.

Best wishes


Great - thanks for posting that. Very helpful as we are thinking of trying to sneak a break somewhere soon. Got scans in a few weeks so may depend on those as to what we do but will definitely give this company a ring. We had rung a few others and they were up in the £1000's for a week away!!



It's definitely worth a phone call x


Thanks for sharing BOW

We will build that in to our next update of the travel insurance factsheet.

Hope you have a fabulous time in Vienna.



@Roy Castle


Thank you, we will


We tried for travel insurance last year, my husband was diagnosed with stage II at the time, most places wouldn't insure him, the cheapest quote we got was £1500 and most expensive was over £4000, which we just couldn't afford. As none of us had ever been aboard, my husband felt it was important that I went with the kids and he would stay at home, as we had already lost £1500 2 months before when we had booked a holiday (didn't book travel insurance at the time of booking) we found out he had cancer and that he needed his full left lung removed.

The point I'm trying to make, whilst rambling, is that my husband past away in January of this year, without ever going abroad, ever having a family holiday. It's not far that he never got the opertunity or my kids never got to have those family memories. When someone/ family are going through this wurlwind called cancer, they need a break they fun they need to have some normality. It is great to find an insurance company that is giving a decent quote. Weither a suvivour, sufurer or fighter, it's not fare that insurance companies profit to such an extream!


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